Authority Builders; Testimonials and the Funnel Method

All authority builders and testimonials are just so good. Because there’s so many, you can be anyone on social media, right. And if you can just put numbers to what you’ve done. It’s always really effective. Because it’s just going to make you stand out. So that’s just a reflection there.

How would you feel about having one link instead of multiple links in your bio?

I would suggest to insert the linktree? Um, so again, just another thing I want to challenge you on. And, you know, these are all tiny details, we’re just really optimising things. So like, this isn’t going to make or break your business. But I would really recommend it. Let’s think about the client journey.

So as simple and as clear and straightforward as you can make it, right, the more that you can minimise any sort of friction, or what I call leakage, then the better, right, you want the maximum number of people to be able to work with, like, know how to work with you, you don’t want to lose them.

So if you think of it like a funnel, you’ve got all these people that are like coming to your profile, they’re interested, they see your content. And then you just want to minimise leakage like them sort of leaking out and not actually going to where you want them to go. And I actually just started off with a Calendly link, to book a call with me. 

And on that Calendly Link was just like a few questions, which were basically the application. And at the end of the application was just like, my rates start at x. And then, you know, Are you financially prepared for this commitment, and that will just qualify people. This is literally exactly what I am in the program. And that’s just because it’s just the simplest, most straightforward way to start and to minimise people leaking and going to all these different places and not actually doing the thing that you want them to do.

So it’s really important to ask yourself: what do you want people to do? 

|That might differ for everyone. Let’s just say someone is looking to attract investors that he might not be doing a call with them. Initially, you might want to actually meet them for a coffee, you know, this process is this journey is going to differ according to your business.

What I found most effective and most simple and straightforward, is to get people on calls when you’re starting out. And you know, some people will be a good fit, you can close them as a paying client, others won’t be but at least you’ve made that relationship. 

That’s why calls are so effective at the start. And yeah, and if you’re driving traffic to one place, it’s going to be maximally effective, because people only have one place to go. So if they want to know more, they’re going to go there, versus if you’ve got several places.

However, if having several links in your bio is important to you, then let’s have a look at how you might do that. So, initially, this is yours at the minute. I don’t think this is making the most use of your link. No, no, I don’t think so. Okay, so what do you think would be better here? So would you want people to?

You don’t really need all of your other social media handles, use the one that you mostly use for example: Instagram, so that’s fine. Then the website is already in the bio itself, like, it has a little link there. So don’t need to overthink. 

So maybe having that and then having something pop up saying like, these are the times I’m available and please book a slot with me. Then you can maybe write up a forum or something so that you have an idea of what their business is about before speaking to them.

Because at the minute, it’s, you’re optimising this for sales of which, you’re making money from it.

Let’s put all our effort, into getting people to take that action. So just to give you an idea of mine, I’ve only recently done this. So up until now, I’ve always had one link in my bio. If you do want to have several then I just think always think like what’s going to nurture people. 

So the reason I’ve chosen this, for example, is this podcast interview. I talk a lot about the Content Accelerator and like the way I work.

And I just think it’s a really good interview for people to listen to, if they want to explore what I do. Then I’ve got the client testimonials, which again, social proof, so powerful. And so if you do want to have multiple, I think it’s important to think about whether each one is actually doing work for you, like each one should have a purpose there. 

Otherwise, you’re just leaking people home. So all of these places. So I would rather you have one link, and I think you agree but if you ever felt like you needed more than this approach is a bit better. Because like I don’t want to be funnelling people to my TikTok. Really, or like even a website, I have very specific pathways that I want them to take.

If you just have one like link in your bio, they literally can book a call with you so easily no friction versus this, which was several clicks. I know it’s silly but like People just need to make it easy for them.

So my approach is always, like, focus on one client, really nail, like, the results you’re getting from your social media with them. And you’ll know when you’ve done that, like, you’ll know when you’re using it in a way that you can just sign people into your masterminds quite effortlessly. And then you can start thinking, Okay, well, maybe I’m going to add investors to the mix. And I’m going to do some content around raising finance. That is really effective, because you master all of the basics. 

And then you can start thinking, okay, how can I use this, these content principles for other business ventures. But if you try and do it all at once, at the beginning, it’s hard. And that’s what a lot of people are doing on their social media is they have lots of different things going on. But they haven’t really mastered it, like getting results from one client, and then replicating it.

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