All about: Website Optimisation

So it’s a really good time to be updating stuff. It’s harsh, but it’s true, people don’t care about us. Initially, people are only going to care about how you can help them.

Website Optimisation

So if you can capture them, and literally show how you can help them, then they’re going to be looking at your story and trying to find out more about you. But initially, if you go on a website, and just read about me and start reading all this personal stuff, it’s quite boring, you’ve got to be invested in the person, you’ve got to think, okay, they can actually help me, and then that stuff becomes interesting.

That’s just a really important thing to remember. Like, always lead with what’s in it for other people. And it’s actually like, very opposite to what we think marketing is. I actually used to do a lot of copywriting, and pretty much every business that I went to work with, all of their marketing was about them, like, literally everything. 

So if you are interested in really kind of deep diving into this, you don’t need to, but if you are a bit of a nerd, then this book is really good.

So it’s building a story brand, Donald Miller is a marketing genius, because he’s built a whole business off of this very simple concept. But that’s why it’s so effective. He just talks about how, if you’re doing business marketing, you want to make the other person, the hero of the story. So you are not the hero. And that’s what a lot of people do in their marketing and their social media. 

They make themselves the hero, and it’s all about them. But just flip it on its head, the person you’re talking to and looking to attract, they’re the hero, and you are just guiding them. So you’re the guide.

That’s it on a very simple level. If you want to get into the nitty gritty, then this book is good, or you can just Google it. But that’s basically what we’re applying to on social media, because some people care about it. So yeah, I’d recommend that book if you’re interested.

Your homepage should just be all about outcomes. So someone’s landing they’re going, that should just be about how you can serve them and what they’re going to get from working with you. As opposed to this is me, this is my business.

This is the kind of stuff that no one’s really bloody interested in and they’re actually just interested in how you can help them and how they feel after they’ve worked with you.

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