How to Improve your Video Content?

I want to leave you with a few pointers for how to create good short-form video content. So basically you want to apply the hook. 

That’s the first thing, right? You then want to have something memorable, whether that’s mistakes, limiting beliefs, all of that jazz in the middle. And then you want to have a call to action. So if you think about the caption, this is essentially how you would also structure a caption, right? 

You would have the headline, you would then have the body, and then you have the call to action. Yeah. It’s exactly the same in a video. So you’ve got to think about how to apply this in a video. So where the videos are, which is the first three to five seconds is super important, just because on these apps, just like when you’re scrolling normal posts on Instagram, your attention span is really short. So just really think, how am I going to hook people in with the value upfront, the first three to five seconds. The hook in a written piece of content is the headline. It’s like the first thing people see.

So the best way to do this is literally to go and get inspiration. Because with these videos, like I, I look at other people’s videos, because that shows me how to create it. Like, you just need to look at how other people have created a video and then just reverse engineer it, you’re not going to like, just come up with these ideas. Because, yeah, it’s actually quite hard. But once you have an example of okay, this video is good, it’s so easy to recreate it because you can literally reverse engineer it.

So a really good strategy, wherever you’re on, is to find viral videos, and then put your own spin on them. So if you find a viral video about beauty, or whatever, you can literally just put your own spin on it for your niche.

Where to Find viral video ideas?

And even so literally just scroll. So say, you’re on Instagram, just scroll reels. And you’ll see like, they don’t even have to be viral at the beginning. Like, you just want to get into the habit of creating them. So don’t worry too much about like, engagement or getting or any of that just find inspiration. And then when I say copy, I mean copy the format, but obviously, you’re going to do something different with it. And yeah, that’s what I do on TikTok. I’m not really on rules, but it’s the exact same thing on TikTok.

Oh, yeah. Thanks. So but, yeah, okay. So there’s literally no difference. Well, there is a difference reels can only be 60 seconds long, but you’re not going to be creating videos longer than that for now. So you may as well post it as a real one because you’re going to reach more people. 

Anything that I think might at all be used as a reel I’m just shooting it like even in a day if I’m just making coffee. I just film it because it’s like I can make that into content. Because that’s the way I want For Tik Tok, I want to create like a day in the life type video, they’re really popular right now. So yeah, I just have a load of stuff for my day. And it’s actually quite boring, because most of my days are at a desk, but it’s just like, just documenting it because you can make it into something later. 

Where to Edit videos?

My rule of thumb is, if you’re, if you’re going to be using Instagram’s effects or sounds, then film it in the app. So if you find a reel that you’re inspired by, or you need to use some sort of filter, because that’s what the trend is, or you just need to use that then film it in the app for everything else. I would actually film it outside, and then edit it Inshot

The reason I say that is because it’s so much easier to just do it all on your phone. Like, you’re not going to have to transfer all these files and videos. It’s just too much. Like the quicker you can do it on your phone. I’ve tried both Instagram and then Inshot. It’s very glitchy and cuts out this and stops there and I couldn’t find this but again, and then the Inshot was really, really simple and really sort of intuitive. 

This is the number one reason why I just don’t do reels anymore. Like, honestly, every time I create something, it just glitches and gets lost. And when you’re on Tik Tok, you can really see how far behind Instagram is, because editing on TikTok is so, so easy. 

So that’s why, like, if you’re just doing a lip syncing reel, where you literally find it, you save the sound, you film yourself just lip syncing, and then you save it in your drafts. Of course, film it in the app, like there’s not much editing. But if you’re doing something that’s going to, you’re going to put more time into, you know, it’s quite different and more advanced, then do it Inshot, because, yeah, you don’t want to risk Instagram glitching. 

If you’re using a sound from Instagram, it just gets a bit too complicated exporting it and stuff. So just do it in the app. And if you do it Inshot, then it’s better quality. So when you are filming anything on this camera, guys, it’s worse quality than if you were just to film it with the photo, the camera app. So if you’re filming from Instagram, even if you’ve got the best settings on it’s going to be worse quality than if you just shot it outside. So remember that.

What’s the best type of content to do right now?

So yeah, it’s short form video content, so reels. The reach on them isn’t as great as it was last year, but that’s just normal because it’s not Like it was such a new feature. Now it’s a little bit old, but it’s still the best way to grow. So if you’re looking to reach new people, and like to get followers then yeah, reels, okay?

That doesn’t mean though, that carousels are boring or that they shouldn’t be used because they’re there to nurture your existing audience, you can provide a lot of information that people can sort of like, spend time on and save a lot easier in a carousel than reels. So my preferred strategy is to alternate between the two. So I am more real than a carousel. But like, if you were to do 75% reels, and then the rest carousels, you can’t go wrong. Like that’s a really effective strategy.

Just do what works for you. And like, with the content ideas you come up with, I think, when I have an idea, some of them just lend themselves better to carousels. Namely, if you’re giving more like loads of info, and you can’t really do that in a reel, but if it’s like, top three mistakes, bam, bam, bam, you can do that in a reel. But if I wanted to actually give a bit more context, then like, go into those mistakes, like, you know, a bit deeper than I do that in a carousel because I don’t want loads of text on a reel.

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