New Client Call: Do’s and Don’ts

Today let’s talk about: How when you start doing something new, like a new service, or you’re just doing something for the first time, you provide a lot of free calls. Like that’s pretty standard. And I think it’s really effective. Because, you get to talk to people, you get your name out there, like I’m not against free calls at the beginning.

But when I was doing this in my business, it really just wasn’t working for me, because I was spending all my time on the phone to people that were just picking my brains. They were like, I just felt really drained afterwards. And then I also wasn’t converting any of those calls, the free calls into clients. And I was like, something’s got to change because these calls just aren’t working. 

I’ve really refined this process to what it is now. And like the main kind of takeaway from this is, when you’re doing free calls, don’t start teaching them stuff. Like let’s just say that someone wanted to sign up for let’s just say you were doing calls for a workshop, maybe if you’d want something that’s more expensive. You might have to vet people and actually have calls with them. On that free call.

You don’t want to be teaching stuff because it’s just usually half an hour and it’s not because you’re like gatekeeping the information or anything like that. It’s just it gets into this whole session where you’re trying to teach them and it just doesn’t work. Like the person walks away feeling super overwhelmed, because remember, they’re like a beginner, right? 

It’s like someone getting on a call and asking me, how do I invest in property? It’s like, how do I begin? And so you’re overwhelming them. And then also, you’re leaving, like feeling really drained, because you’re just like, trying to teach everything on this 30 minute call. And then you are also at the same time not creating demand for what you’re trying to sell. 

Because, like, you need to be a bit more strategic about doing that. It’s basically on that call, just giving them areas for improvement. And this worked really well, when I started doing it, instead of trying to give them the whole solution. I was like, these are three areas of improvement that I see right now with your social media. And I can help you improve on them, basically. And you think that you’re not giving them as good a call. But what ends up happening is people love that because you are giving them mindset shifts. 

That’s so much more impactful than just overloading them with information. Also, if you are doing free calls, I think it’s just a win-win. Because even if they don’t become a client, you can just ask them for a testimonial after the call. And if you follow this kind of framework, they should be really pleased with that call, and then should give you a really good testimonial. 

Again I don’t know if this might be useful, but because it’s a sales call you can also frame it as a strategy call, even if they don’t buy you can get testimonials.

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