Content Accelerator FAQ: Social Media

Today I want to give you an insight on what goes on behind the scenes in my training program Content Accelerator. We have weekly calls where we discuss frequently asked questions. These might help you as well if you are just starting out in social media.

What would you recommend for an introduction post? 

So to introduce what you do, the services, you provide what you can do. I mean you can’t go wrong, whatever you do, but I think a post about you would be great, because then anyone that comes on your profile after that is going to be able to know who you are.

So it’s kind of like an About Me introductory post, I think would be great. On Instagram, right? You could post a picture, and write a long caption and introduce yourself and for TikTok a short video.

Is it a good strategy to make videos on less popular trends than super popular ones? 

So you aren’t being thrown into a large feed of other videos where you could possibly get lost in amazing questions. And yes, that is a really good strategy. I’d say something a little bit more advanced because I didn’t want to overcomplicate it, but yes.

 It’s just a little bit more tricky because you don’t know that those kinds of less popular sounds that you find are going to blow up. But it’s definitely a good strategy if you want to spend a little bit longer on your research for sure. 

I’ve heard to avoid FYP, because then you are not niching down, is that correct and would you use hashtags that don’t have that many uses or views?

Hashtags, I just think everyone gets so hung up on hashtags. And they think that there’s some magic formula that’s going to get them found, and they obsess over them. But at the end of the day, hashtags are not going to even work. If your video isn’t good, like they’re irrelevant, incrementally, they’ll make a little difference. But if that content isn’t good, then it just doesn’t really matter. 

So I would really urge you to just focus on your content. Then in terms of likes, hashtags on Instagram, there’s lots of different theories. But basically, you can do anything from like 5-30 hashtags

We actually have a module on this in the Content Accelerator about how to do hashtag research. At the end of the day, just spend more time, put your efforts into making your content better, because the hashtags aren’t going to make a huge difference, especially on TikTok, they really aren’t that important. 

When you do it on TikTok, you’ll see how many posts there are for that hashtag. And there’s so many. It just doesn’t really matter which ones you do, as long as you’re not doing something really general like for you page or right, or something that’s completely unrelated to what the post is about? Or if you’re doing hashtags that have like 10 videos on them, or it will maybe like 100, because that’s not very many, and you won’t get discovered. 

I just want you to get filming, and most importantly, to have fun with it.

Why are trending sounds important?

A big, big part of a short form video content is trending sounds. Because it’s just a way for the algorithm to understand your content. And if you’re using a trending sound, then it’s going to push it to more people. Versus if you use an original sound, or you, you know, you just upload a video. So, one, like a really good way to grow. And really, the only way to go viral is to use a trending sound in your content. So when you’re doing your research, you can very much base your content ideas off trending sounds.

Do you think it makes a difference posting your Reel to just the Instagram grid feed versus the Reel video feed? 

I’ve heard that you could get more views if you don’t post your reel on the grid feed. Yes, I heard this rumour too.

I tried it. And, I got significantly, like fewer views when I didn’t share it in my feed. So I don’t think it’s true. And I think I’ve seen others on social media say the same thing. So I just always share it in my feed as well. Logically, it makes sense that you would get more views because it’s in two places. So people that come to your feed are gonna instantly see it. So yeah. There’s so many myths that go with social media and that and that’s why I know it can be so frustrating doing it because you’re like, I don’t know, who to listen to. And at the end of the day, like, they’re all kinds of hacks and incremental things. 

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