Market Research and Buyer’s Remorse

What I want to talk about is how do we do market research if we don’t have a business and Another thing I want to ask is why we’re all selling. I really want to speak to this and actually, even if you’re not actively selling something, now, you are always selling your content.

For example, I got a voicemail that was basically saying like, Ina, I’m just so shit. Like, no, you’re just learning, like, literally, that’s all it is, and it’s gonna be hard at the beginning. If this was all stuff that you knew, then there was no point doing this right? So yeah, it’s gonna be super challenging. Also, it’s a completely different way of thinking about your business and like what you’re doing. 


I want to speak to is something called buyer’s remorse, or this is a real thing. And you might, you’ve may have even got this here. It’s basically like, where you make a purchase, and you’re super excited. You’re riding off that euphoria. Then you get into it, and you’re like, oh, shit, there’s loads of work to do. Have you ever got that?

Again, I just want to normalise that, right? It’s completely normal. It doesn’t mean that you’ve made the wrong decision. I think the worst thing that you can think of if you’re ever investing in things like, programs, education, personal development, is to beat yourself up about a decision, because I’ve been there. 

I’ve got into this mindset of like, I shouldn’t have bought this. But that’s such a limiting mindset to be in. Right? You’re an actual legend that you’ve bought this and that you’ve committed to doing this? So don’t be really hard on yourself. Just like normalising. 

Buyer’s remorse is real. So if I feel it, after starting something new, and investing in something new, it’s normal. I just want to say you think about that also, for your own client experience, anyone you’re working with, just have a think about if there will be a point after they’ve signed the contract or decided to work with you that they feel a little bit like, unsure? Okay. And maybe I don’t know if this is relevant to you now, or this could be relative exposure? 

So even if you don’t have one yet, just think about when you’re designing your client experience, like how can you make people feel at ease with their decision? Because this is something that I only really thought about recently, investing in programs, because I was like, I always get this feeling afterwards that I need just someone to be like, it’s okay.

So just think:

  • How can you make that into your own client client experience?

Just wanted to share my personal experience. I’ve invested the last year over 25k into programs and mentorship, and it’s really scary. So that’s normal. Also, there’s always been a point for me where I’m like, I’ll get to the end of it. 

Again, beating myself up, maybe I shouldn’t have done that. Or I couldn’t immediately see the value. Then this higher level coach that I invested in last year, only this year, so over a year later, am I like, oh, my gosh, I know exactly what she was talking about. And all the stuff that came up then. Do you know what I mean? 

I’ve heard that before as well. Maybe where a mentor sort of tells you something and it’s maybe not working, but then eventually sort of clicks and you’re like, wow, okay.

Have you experienced that before or not? I’ve heard a lot of the same fields I suppose as well just like fuck is this the right session? So yeah, then it’s time. Maybe we have bought a profit in something that they said to do. I’ve done in this what for something you notice that like, Fuck there is there, you know?

It is great if you’ve acknowledged that because not everyone gets it. For me, I just think it’s that the more you develop the more you realise if I think that this isn’t going to work, it’s not going to work. Right? 

My experience with really high level programs. It’s been like a year later that I’m like, Okay, I finally see what my mentor was talking about. So this isn’t really one of those kinds of mindset programs as much as, I hope that your experience is more immediate in result. 

I’m confident that the stuff we learn here, you’re going to be using for the next,  forever in your business. That was just my personal experience. 

A mindset shift that I’ve recently gone through. That I think would be really useful here as well is investing for more than the immediate ROI. So again, something I used to do was, if I hadn’t made my money back by the end of the program, I had to start thinking maybe this wasn’t the best decision. But we’ve got to think longer term than that. Since I’ve done that, it’s just been so much more liberating, because then I don’t put so much pressure on. 

I mean, I’ve got to get results. That was just my mindset message, 

I didn’t set out to have any of this stuff. But working with people, I realised, more than half of it is the mindset on social media, which is weird, because you think you just need to learn the tricks. Then you get to go. 

So guys, if you’re ever feeling a bit lost while learning social media, understand a lot of people feel the same. Obviously, I’m here for that and can help so please drop me DM if you need help.

Try to bring yourself back to what you’re doing here. When you are starting you are just improving as you go, right? Just start implementing what you’ve learned, it’s not going to be perfect, right? Just keep going and improving. 


Thirdly, ask for help. Really important, really important to ask for help. Then finally prioritise progress over perfection. That’s like a motto.

Okay, I don’t have a business. I don’t think I don’t see how I couldn’t use the market research phase. The market research phase is so useful. If you don’t have a business there’s probably more useful, because the way you’ve got to look, look at it is if you get useful data, that’s great. But the best thing about it is that you’re creating a pathway to have a conversation with someone that could potentially lead to a sales conversation. 


So there’s all these people in your network right now on your Instagram, that probably would be an ideal client and ideal investor. But you’re not going to just directly ask them: Do you want to become a client, right? A survey and getting feedback is just a really good way to kind of start that conversation, maybe get a lead, or a call or a client off the back of it. 

Basically, what you’re gonna get is just really useful information about how they describe their problems or challenges, and the messaging and the words they use. Having a quick look at the words they’re using to describe things is going to be very helpful for you when you’re writing your content, because you’ll be using the same language.

That’s what’s going to create that connection. So just to give you an example, when I started, I always thought that’s what my people wanted. That’s it, I thought what was holding my people back was not showing up authentically on social media, because that’s what was holding me back. Then I did these and I realised so many people were using paid ads for their content. 

They thought that that would fix it. Now, I didn’t even think that paid ads were even relevant to what I was doing. But in doing all this market research, I realised, wow, my people are using paid advertising. Now I use it in all of my messaging, basically saying, Hey, guys, this is how you can secure clients without spending money on paid ads. So yeah, just little insights like that. 

They’re really going to, that’s what you’re going to get from market research. It’s just a way of engaging with people in your network. And it’s really low risk for them. Like, you’re just asking, Hey, guys, can I get your thoughts on this? Or I just want to understand, like, what your ideal investment would look like and what your ideal solution to this would look like, and really just get them talking in this survey.

Then if you’re looking through those results, if you see someone that you want to follow up with, that looks like an ideal client or someone you just want to connect with, then it’s so much easier off the back of that survey to have a call or take the next step. 

No, that’s fine. To me. I was thinking about maybe just doing another survey on Facebook and Instagram or something. So I might, I might redo that. And then I can get more of a thing called done on my business pages before. So I’ll maybe do my personal and just take it from dogs that be probably a lot more people that take the survey as well,

I think. Yep. I think that’s an excellent idea. What I always think about with these is, you kind of want to flatter people, right? You want to get them involved in something you’re creating. So when I created the Content Accelerator, I would literally, I said to my WhatsApp group, I was like, Guys, I’m creating something to help property investors, like you secure clients, or investors from social media. And I’d love for your feedback on it. 

Then they felt like they were part of creating this. So for you, it could go something like, Hey, guys, I want to understand not how you would invest your money, but like, what the ideal investment would look like for you or something like that. Just to intrigue them a little bit and get them to fill out the form.

Do you think that you could put that on your personal page? You could even go the other route where you’re not even using the word investment, you could just be like, you know, I want to understand how to help. Or how do you get your money working for you? Or? Yeah, where do you put your money? What do you do with your savings? Would any of those work?

What would you do with your savings or something? Let’s create a common theme, I think right now as well and properly. It sort of talks about the low interest rates and not so yeah.

They’re just different examples of what you could do. It really depends on your audience, just try and speak directly to them. But that’s just gonna open the conversation. What’s really effective is if you add some, like a sales copy in there, so you try and get them excited about this concept, because then you’ll find people even contact you like, this is really interesting, to know.

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