Learn How to Re-purpose Content Effectively

When you’re repurposing, you want to try and add text that is native to the app that you’re posting on. So, for example, people will notice if It’s just weird text written automatically. You can easily notice the TikTok text. If you’re watching Reels and you see a TikTok, you know that it’s not made in Reels. So if you’re repurposing, it’s totally cool to repurpose the video footage, but I would just advise you to just add the text to native in the app, if you want to kind of get maximum effect. 

Reels to TikTok vs. TikTok to Reels

As I said, repurposing TikToks to Reels really works well. But the other way around, not so much from my experience. If you stick to the filming guidelines you will be alright. So firstly you want to be filming in the middle, third of your screen. Any text, you want it to be there. You don’t want it to take up the whole screen. It’s just going to make your life so much easier. So when you’re shooting, just try and keep the roster. That is the main thing to keep in mind when you’re repurposing.

Finally, if again, you are going to go from TikTok to Reels. Please don’t upload it with the watermark, because for now it’s fine. But I have a feeling they’re just gonna completely shut off any content like that soon. 

When you spend time creating this, just download it, spend the extra time downloading it because you can repurpose this and even if it’s not now you can do it another point. 

Generally, platforms don’t like it when you post content from their competitors. So it’s just always best practice to remove those watermarks. There’s a tool called SnapTick. If you’re downloading TikToks, or save install, if it’s Instagram stuff. 

It is just like a hack of the algorithm to download your TikToks without a watermark.

If you film content for TikTok, can you post that same content on Reels? 

Generally, yes, In an ideal world. If you were like full time social media and you wanted to really like to grow, and you’re ready to do like devote your kind of all your time to it. Ideally, you’d be creating content natively for both. I don’t have time for that. I don’t think anyone here does because we have other stuff to do. 

So if you want to shoot two birds with one stone, I would repurpose my TikTok content for Reels. 

You will get the maximum effect if you create content specifically for Reels and specifically for TikTok. But that’s just impossible, I think. So, yeah, a good workaround is to have the video from TikTok, repurpose it to Reels, but then add text in Reels. So then it looks like it was created in the Reels app. That’s what I do.

First, you want to pick where you’re going to start. So you’ve got three options for starting, you’ve either got to start creating viral video ideas, or you can start with the hooks, or the trending sounds. They’re just three different avenues into creating your first videos. It just depends after you look at them. Which ones do you get inspired by? That’s pretty much it.

That’s all you have to do for now. And then I just want you to block out a day, or two hours or an hour, however long you can afford in your calendar to just film. And on that day, you’re just going to go back into your idea tracker, you’ve got your, you’ve got your ideas, and you’re just gonna film. 

For the ladies, this is so good, because then you only have to put on makeup for that day. Rather than wasting your makeup. But yeah, that’s, this is just going to be the quickest and most efficient way to get started.

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