Video Editing: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s talk about filming. There’s just a few best practices to keep in mind. If you do keep these in mind, you’ll be fine. Bear in mind that the quality of your videos isn’t going to be a deal breaker, but you can make sure that you are getting the best quality that you can. 


That it’s not like super grainy and just blurry, you just want to make the best out of the phone that you’ve got. So always wipe your camera before filming. I cannot stress this enough like it just makes a huge difference. And we don’t do it but this light gets so grubby and if you just give it a while before you’re shooting your reels, you’ll just see a huge difference. And when you can, this is only going to apply in certain situations. 


Film in your phone’s camera instead of shooting in Instagram. or tick tock. But that’s only going to be possible in certain types of videos. Because sometimes you’re going to have to use effects and filters that are only available in that app, in which case, it’s going to be easier to shoot in the app. But where you can just, you know, try and shoot outside, and I’ll show you which ones, which type of videos would be suited to that. 


You always want to shoot in the highest quality. So there are three main places to change the settings. The first is on your phone. The second is on the app you’re using. And then there’s this free app called Inshot that I also suggest you download. 

Inshot is just a really simple video editing app. It’s free, it’s on your phone, and you can use it to do stuff that you can’t edit inside of the apps. So in these three places, you’re going to need to just make sure that the settings are right, you don’t need to record or export in 4k, because the apps and screens don’t support it yet. So when you upload that footage, it’s just going to turn grainy. 

I would just suggest sticking to 10 ATP, and you’ll be fine. Like that’s a high enough resolution. You don’t need cinematic footage for this. And if you’ve got TikTok right now, this is what you would do. 

Switch off your data saver. Then before you go to upload, you just want to make sure that high quality uploads are on as well. 

To do that you want to enable high quality uploads. 


So talking about editing, how ridiculously frustrating Instagram is?  And it’s not because of you. It’s just super, super glitchy. So I would try and only do simple edits there. So things like adding text and simple transitions. If you have decided that you’re going to be on TikTok, then you’re not going to have this problem because it’s just so much more advanced for editing and so much easier. 

Next you just want to make sure that you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you’re not in low battery mode. Because that’s going to reduce the quality of your upload, wipe your camera, and basic stuff like ensuring the lighting in front of you, you haven’t shot it like with the light behind you. 

If your video has more complex elements, like you’re doing transitions, or the show reel type of footage, so that’s when you would have seen it in time to the music, there’s like loads of videos, one after the other all loads of images one after the other. 

For that you want to create that in short, it’s really easy to create. But I wouldn’t suggest doing those things in Instagram, because you’re just gonna want to stop doing it and for your phone at the wall, because it’s just so glitchy, and filters and effects you’re going to have to do, obviously, if they’re only available on Instagram, then you’ll have to shoot in there. 

But with editing, I can’t possibly cover all of the different ways to edit because the way you discover them is by looking at content like finding the inspo and then being like, Okay, how did they film this and when you’ve got that footage in front of you, you’re gonna know, like you’re going to after being on these platforms, you’re going to be able to work out how they filmed it. It’s not complex a lot of the time because these apps are designed to be simple. 


So the quickest way to get better at editing is to just start creating and getting inspiration. I promise you’ll get the hang of it quickly. 

Your biggest challenge, when you’re starting out and particularly editing, is to make it engaging. Because I imagine a lot of you will just end up creating stuff that isn’t as fast paced as it necessarily needs to be, while you’re getting to grips with the editing. 

After you’ve done all of that, is to just make sure that your content is going as far as possible, because you’ve put loads of effort into it. It’s really just like the last hurdle. For that I use a posting checklist. It’s nice and organised having a checklist. 

So it’s gonna differ slightly for TikTok, and Reels. Because there’s a slight difference. So just pick the one that you’re doing and keep track of what you should upload and when. Have fun with it, I use it as well. The biggest pro however, is to post your content, and leave it! I can’t stress this enough. Please let it live. Don’t delete it, please. 

You don’t know what’s going to happen with it. Weeks and weeks or months after you’ve posted something it can blow up. And if it flops, that’s okay. No one cares about your views more than you do. Like no one’s stalking your reels and being like, Haha, Helen only got X number of views like just Please resist the urge to delete it. 

It’s just letting it live. Sometimes it might blow up. If not, you’re going to get the data. But don’t get into a habit of just deleting stuff that doesn’t work, deleting it because it’s also not good for the app, like it kind of notices and lets just leave it alone. I’ve literally had stuff blow up like months after that I thought was gonna flop. 

You started off with the hook. If applicable, you’ve used a trending sound, if you’re just talking to camera, you’ve added automatic captions, can do that in both apps, it’s going to make it easier for people, any transitions or texts that you’ve added in time to the music. This is you’re going to get better at this as well with your editing. But a big part of these apps is that the text is on time.

And it’s not just, all over the place. But you will get better at that. As you watch the examples. Again, any text you’ve included, it’s got to be easy to read, can’t have big blocks of text that are on the screen for like two seconds, because people can’t read that. 

After you’ve edited it, and when you watch it, when you run through this checklist, it’ll be like, Okay, I can’t read that. So let me go and change something about it. So it’s actually effective. And this is important in cutting off any fluff or excess. So if you’re talking to a camera, just like sniffing it. 

So it’s just more punchy and not just you rambling and using a clear call to action, added five relevant hashtags, that’s for TikTok. But on Reels you can add more, but it’s not really gonna matter. Added a clickable cover. And then the all important question of:

  • If this goes viral, will it attract the right viewer? 
  • If not, would I be willing to put up my business? 

It’s very important. So these are just like the things that you just have to go through. It might seem like a lot. But after you do it, a handful of times you’re going to know this and you can just refer to this.

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