TikTok: Trending Sounds and How To Find Them

The trending sounds are sounds or songs that are getting traction on Tiktok and ‘trending’. There will be a sudden increase in the use of this sound. Often it’s accompanied by a dance or a specific joke. They are usually short, but don’t always have to be.

There are free places online where you can find ideas through trending sounds. So they’re popular sounds on that platform that are trending, you’ve got the search function where you’re essentially going to be searching like a hashtag, and you’re going to be looking at which videos are popular for that hashtag. 

Then you’ve got the feed. So literally just scrolling, which is probably the most inefficient one. The important thing being that you’re picking something that is proven to do well, rather than just what you feel like on the day. 

So for trending sounds, the first place you can look is something called www.tokchart.com 

This is literally just a website. It’s free. And this is going to show you the trending sounds on TikTok and again, if you want to get really nerdy it’s going to give you graphs of like when you know how they’re growing. 

If you really want to get on a trend that hasn’t exploded yet. You can look for that curve and all that stuff. And I don’t think you need to go into that much detail, but this is going to give you an overview So you can always go to this website, look at the sounds, open them in TikTok, and then you can have a look at what’s being created there. And it’s free. 

The second way is scrolling the For You page. So this is on TikTok. So literally, it’s exactly the same principle on reels, say you’re scrolling through your reels feed, you’re gonna see the sound at the bottom. And then you just want to, if there’s a sound you like, you just want to check it out and just have a look at like, how many videos that sound has. But generally, if a sound only has like 10 videos, then there’s not, it’s not really worth it, because it means that it’s not that popular. 

Do some due diligence on the sounds that you’re choosing. You just want to check that actually, it’s a popular sound. I would always like to add tips to it, because then you’re going to get the educational content. But if you are finding that you’re not getting much inspo from that, then you can broaden it to just be your niche. And then again, got a tutorial on this, but you really want to sort it by the last six months most liked. And this dislike for gold dust, because it’s going to give you is literally going to give you viral videos. And then you just have to put your own spin on them.

And finally, you can scroll your feed, I would just say, do your due diligence. And again, just always have a look at is this popular, because sometimes we’ll get really into it. And then we’re going to recreate this and then it has like two likes, and it might be funny for you. 

But you haven’t proven that actually, people want this. You’re actually looking for high engagement versus follower count, ideally, because if this person had like a million followers then actually this isn’t that you know, impressive. Versus if she had like, I don’t know, 2000, then this is a good sign, right..

You’re gonna have to search for the sounds or just scroll the feed, and you’ll recognize them, because it’s a bit harder to search for them in Reels. 

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