Engagement in Organic Digital Marketing – Does it Matter?

Drop in engagement on Instagram

I thought I’d dispel some myths about why you might be getting a drop of engagement, and then look at what you can do instead, to actually get engagement. Hopefully this is going to help. Let’s talk about what a lack of engagement is. 


So if you are currently doing any of these, then this might apply to you, right? If you are spending hours and hours, like crafting a piece of content or a post, and trying to get it perfect, and then posting it and it’s not actually like getting an engagement. So it’s like going down like a lead balloon, then this is for you. 

If you feel like there’s a bit of a missing piece to what you’re doing on Instagram. So your content isn’t really like just working as well as you’d like it to, then this is for you as well. And if you’re just not sure why things aren’t working for you on Instagram, and you’re not getting engagement, then this will be really useful. 

Because I don’t want you to feel disheartened and to stop posting, because that’s what I did before. It is not what we’re aiming for, we’re aiming for you to be consistent, and to actually be getting content out there and to be having fun with it. So let’s talk a little bit about what we actually want to happen when you post. 

We don’t want you to be feeling like, oh, this has gone down like a lead balloon again, I just don’t want to post any more, it’s really embarrassing, and all of that. So most people think that their sign of a good piece of content, or a good post on Instagram is likes and comments. So you’ll do a post and the first thing you look at will be the likes and the comments that you get. If you don’t get any likes and comments, you immediately start thinking, Well, that was a shit piece of content. I’m not going to do that again. 

What I want to do is challenge you on that and actually ask you, if a post does get lots of likes and comments, so what? Like, what does that actually mean for you? Right? Ask yourself that question. Now, if you’re someone who creates content in order to get likes and comments, actually ask yourself:

  •  Why do I need them? 
  • What likes and comments are actually going to do for my business? 

Alright, and I really want to challenge you on that, that likes and comments are what you should be aiming for when you do a piece of content. Right? So that’s not what we’re aiming for. 

  • What are we actually aiming for when we want to get engagement on our content? 

I’m saying it’s not like comments, right? The things that we’re aiming for are threefold. Alright, so the first thing is comments, but not just like random comments, like, Oh, my God, you look so good. Or like heart emojis or anything like that. The type of comments that we want to be aiming for, when we do a post is those comments that are Oh, my gosh, this resonated with me so much, or I feel like you’re talking directly to me with this piece of content, or something like that, it sounds like, you know, I feel exactly like this, or it sounds like you know exactly how I’m feeling. 

That’s the kind of comments that you want to be getting on your content, not fire emojis and ‘you look amazing’. 

However flattering that is. So that’s the first thing, getting comments that say that what you’re posting is resonating, and getting those comments from people that you actually care about. All right, if you’re getting comments from people that aren’t even your ideal audience that aren’t your client, then that’s obviously not a good sign. 


We want to be optimising our content so that it’s appealing to the people that we want to attract. Alright, so that’s the first thing that we want to be experiencing in terms of engagement. The second thing is set saves and shares, okay, so not likes, but actually people saving your content. 

So if you’re in the UK, you won’t actually be able to see who’s shared your piece of content, which is a bit annoying, but you can still look at saves, alright. When you have a save on your content, it means that you’ve provided so much value that people are actually saving it so that they can refer to it later. 

That’s a really good sign because it means that you are adding value and you’re saying something that you know They want to reference again and again. So, next time you do a post, and when you go and view your insights, instead of looking at the likes and comments first and aiming for. Someone’s just saying, instead of aiming for, like loads of likes, and looking at how many comments you’ve got, look at the number of saves, and the number of shares if you can, because that’s a much better indicator of how well that piece of content has done. That’s the second thing. 

3. DM’s

The third thing is the actual DMS. So people actually DMing you and saying:

  •  What do you do?
  •  How can I work with you?

Basically expressing interest in what you do is a good sign. I would say that DMS is one of the best metrics of engagement that you can get, again, good DMS, not things like a fire emoji or whatever, but actual DMS that are asking how people can work with you. 

Actually, sometimes, or a lot of the time, if your content is actually really good, you might find that people are reaching out to you. But they don’t actually know why they’re reaching out to you. So they might not know what you do, but they want to find out more. So those are the three types of engagement that we want to be experiencing. So I’m just going to go over them again, in case you don’t know. 

So people commenting that your content resonates with them, that people being your ideal client saves and shares, and also DMS about asking how they can work with you. So that’s the type of engagement that you want to be getting, as opposed to things like likes and followers, right? 

Just wanting to get that clear before we go and diagnose the problem of engagement. Because that’s not really the right problem that we want to be solving. All right. So let’s talk about why you’re currently not getting this type of engagement. 

The right type of engagement on your content. Again, there’s three things here that I want you to think about when you’re creating posts. 


So the first thing is, and what I see a lot of people doing is that they’re trying to be the same as everyone else on social media, okay, and it’s really tempting to do that, when you don’t really know what to do. You don’t want to show up as yourself, because that can be quite difficult, like you’re opening yourself up to criticism. 

So what a lot of people a lot of us do is we just kind of try and blend in and make our content the same as everyone else’s. So I will be flicking through and just see something we like and then replicate it. Or we know what we want to say in our content, but we just water it down, because we’re scared of being polarising, or, you know, having followers drop off. 

One thing I’ll always say is, I say this again, and again, is like, if you’re trying to attract everybody, then you’re gonna attract nobody, because what ends up happening is that you’re just some watered down version of yourself, which no one wants. We want to avoid that. 

So that might be one reason why you’re not getting the type of engagement that you’re after is that you’re making your content the same as everyone else’s. And what that results in is that your content just gets lost, because it’s literally the same as everyone else’s. 

People are just scrolling past, they’re not going to engage, they’re not going to leave those comments. Bear that in mind. 


The second reason why you might not be getting engagement is because your content isn’t going deep enough. Alright. So remember, we want people to be like commenting, and DMing are saying, oh my gosh, this resonated so much with me. And they’re not going to do that if your content isn’t. It’s really surface level. Right?

So another thing you can ask is, okay, how can I get my content to be deeper, and to actually connect with my people on a deeper level? Because that’s what’s going to get people to reach out to you. It’s going to get those comments, it’s going to get those sales and those clients. If your content is really surface level, then you might get loads of likes. But as we’ve already discussed, that’s not really that important. 

So think, is my content going deep enough? And if not, what can I do with my content that’s going to connect with my audience more and create that deeper connection with them. Remember, the end goal is to have your perfect ideal audience or your clients be like, Oh my gosh, it feels like You’re looking into my soul, or something with this post with your words. 


The third reason that you might not be getting engagement that I see quite often is that your messaging isn’t hitting the spot. So what I mean by messaging is basically the way that you’re talking, and I guess writing on social media. 

So messaging is just the words you use, the tone you use, it has to really connect with your people in order for you to get engagement on your content. If it isn’t, then that post is just going to fall flat on its face. Alright. That is a big reason why the content is not getting any engagement is because it’s a little bit tone deaf, sometimes, and it’s just not speaking to the people that you want to speak to properly. 

So just to reiterate those three things that you need to ask yourself, whether you’re doing it because you’re, which is why your content isn’t getting engagement. So trying to be the same as everyone else, not going deep enough with your content, and also your messaging, not hitting the spot. 

I would focus on those three, if you aren’t getting wet, if you feel like your content is falling flat on its face, then start with those three. And then that should influence the first things that we spoke about. I’m almost done here. 


The final thing that I want to talk about is what you need to do to fix your problem. So after you’ve asked yourself those questions, what do you actually need to do to start seeing results with your content and to start actually seeing your content, go further and speak to your ideal clients and actually have a result in your business? So the problem is that most people will look at a lack of engagement on their content as like the problem. So when you’re like, Oh, my post isn’t getting engagement, I need to get this engagement up. The first thing you do is you go on YouTube, and you search for a quick hack on how to increase your engagement, or you start looking for ways to increase your engagement. 

That is just like applying a plaster to the problem is not actually looking at the actual problem and addressing the root cause of the problem. All right, if you haven’t got the basics of your business, and the role that Instagram plays in that, if you haven’t got that right, then any hack, or any quick tips that you apply to your content aren’t going to work. 

So you’re really just wasting your time, if you’re going on YouTube and trying to find quick fixes to your engagement. Alright, so the counterintuitive thing that I would focus on, if I were you, is to just really look at your business and start thinking about how Instagram, actually, what role Instagram plays in that. 

So what are the business results that you want? from Instagram? Like, so that it works, right? Because you’ve already established? It’s not like some followers? And it’s not, like loads of comments. Why are you actually on here? 

This is what I call the ecosystem effect. So you need to think about Instagram as just part of your business ecosystem. It’s not like the be all and end all. We’re not, we don’t have our business and we’re not on this earth to like, get engagement on Instagram, that’s really, like, weird. We’re here to actually, I’m here to get clients to grow an audience to actually understand my audience and to make sales. 

So you need to think about:

  •  What are your business goals from being on Instagram? 
  • What type of content do I need to create in order to actually achieve those business goals that are not those likes and followers?

I would also like to mention that when you get this right, it will feed into your content and how you present yourself. If you are fuzzy on, like:

  •  Who are you trying to talk to on here?
  •  Who are you trying to attract?
  • What kind of content are you producing?
  •  What is the end goal of your content?

If you are fuzzy on that, then that will show up on everything you do on social media, right? 

Which is why I really suggest getting the business basics right first, and then that’s going to inform it’s just going to change the way that you show up on here. It’s really going to make your content a whole lot better because it’s going to focus it and streamline it. So that is what I suggest. 

Hopefully you found this useful and you can actually take a step back today and actually start thinking about the bigger picture and the ecosystem that is your business and how Instagram feeds into that. Hope this was useful. If you have any questions that I didn’t cover now just drop them in the comments and I will get back to you. 

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