How to Make £11 000 Online in One Day

I got fired so I decided to start an online business and this is how I made £11k from Instagram in just one day. The first thing I did is I took something that I already knew and packaged that into a consulting offer. 

It was creating the consulting offer that allowed me to make £11k in one day that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise here’s why. 

When you are a freelancer or you’re doing any sort of done-for-you service then you are essentially exchanging time for money. 

You are doing the thing for your clients with consulting however you are telling them how to do it themselves, whereas before I was a social media manager and I was creating content for my clients. Now as a consultant I am telling them: how to do that for themselves.

So i’m not actually creating the content or managing the social media for them so why is this better because you can create resources i.e intellectual property and you can sell that over and over again. 

You’re not capped at how many units you can sell versus your time you’re capped there’s only so much of it that you can exchange to get profit a consulting or advisory offer is infinitely more scalable than exchanging your time for money.

So let’s just say this is Ina as a freelancer and I need to do three things in order to get a certain result for my client and I’m charging a thousand pounds per client. 

Let’s just say that those three things take me eight hours so I’m essentially being paid £125 p/h. Now Ina as a consultant is teaching the client how to do those three things for themselves instead of actually doing it for them.

But again I’m still charging a thousand pounds per client and it’s only taking me two hours of phone calls to teach them so I’m essentially getting paid £500 p/h. 

Eventually I can package that consulting offer into a digital product meaning that I can do the work once and then serve multiple people and if i’m charging a thousand pounds per client again but it’s only taken me two hours to film that content for my digital product. Then I’m essentially making £2500 p/h.

The next thing I did is I posted content about my consulting offer over on my Instagram but I didn’t do that influencer type content. I actually created content that was going to create demand for my consulting and I did this for four weeks prior to my £11k day. Now if you’re wondering what type of content you should be posting I’ve got plenty of youtube videos on this so check them out.

The next thing I did was I had a free live event to talk about my consulting so I had a webinar where I first educated people and then I told them about my offer now webinars are all about the numbers I had 200 people register for my webinar. A 100 of them actually turned up and from those 100. Exactly 4 of them were bought so that was a four percent conversion rate so overall I made a profit of £11 353 on this day. 

My only expenses were Zoom which cost around £20 a month and ConvertKit which was my email marketing software at £7 a month so pretty much all of it was profit as you can see there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of an £11k day but it’s so worth it. 

I hope that helps and if you’re looking to monetise your social media ask away your questions in the comments.

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