How to Get Clients Online Whilst Posting Less

Today, I want to talk about another piece of advice about social media that I really don’t agree with. I just hope that today makes you feel a bit better about what you’re doing online, and hopefully gives you permission to do less than you’re currently doing. 

All of the Instagram tips that we hear on social media are things like, you need to post every day, or you need to post three times a day, do this, do that. You need to post loads and loads of content in order to be consistent, and it can get really, really overwhelming. 

Especially because social media changes so fast. And the advice is constantly changing. A lot of the time, it just feels like you’re just trying to keep up. And then when we add posting every day to the mix, and we add things like posting three times a day, then it can be a lot. 

Most people when they hear the advice that they need to post, you know, every day, they start posting loads and loads of content. But the problem is that most people start posting content without a real strategy. When you do this, you end up somewhere called the content hamster wheel

Now, if you haven’t heard about this before, the content hamster wheel is pretty self explanatory. It’s like when you’re like a hamster running around on a wheel, right? It’s when you are just running round and round posting loads of content, scrambling at the last minute for all of your content ideas, posting it, but not actually moving, i.e. not seeing any results

When you try to scramble and try being consistent just for the sake of it, you end up not being very strategic with your content. So you don’t have the space to actually think about what content you’re doing. You don’t have the time to actually create good content and you end up just posting anything and everything. 

At the end of the day, unfortunately, it’s not the right type of content, because you’re posting just for the sake of it. Basically you don’t end up getting any results. That’s what I see a lot of people doing, they’re literally on the content hamster wheel, where they’re just like going round and round posting and doing loads, but not actually stopping and thinking:

  • Is this working? 
  • Am I getting any results? 
  • What do I need to do going forward? 

So at this point, you might be wondering, okay, if this is like, if I shouldn’t be on the content hamster wheel, and I shouldn’t be doing so much content, what do I actually need to do instead. My advice to you is that you commit to a low number of posts per week, initially, alright, let’s just say two good content pieces per week

Anyone could do those two strategic content pieces a week. And what I suggest you do is you just stick to that for some time. Whether that be a month, or even better, if you can do it for longer, then you’ve really proven to yourself that you can actually stay at that level consistently. Once you’ve been consistent at that level, whatever it is that you choose whether that’s one, two, I would say two max posts a week, then ramp it up. 

Just to give you my personal experience, when I started on Instagram, which was about a couple of years ago, I just committed to one post a week. That was it. It’s not a lot. Anyone can do one. And I was just like, if I can just do one post a week, and I can stay consistent, then I’ll be happy. 

I did that for a few months, learning the ins and outs of good content. Then I committed to two to three posts a week. And I actually kept it that way for a very long time. So over a year, and only now, am I committing to like doing way more than that and going big, but only because I have someone to help me and I can actually take that on. 

When you’ve been consistent should you then scale up the frequency of posts. So that could be after a year or even two years, however long it takes to actually, you know, get there. The way that you can scale up your content production is actually quite different to what a lot of people think. So have you ever heard or read of the book ‘’Atomic Habit by James Clear’’

One quote that I do remember, from the beginning of the book was, you don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fight to the level of your systems. I think that’s just an amazing quote, in regards to habits and sticking to habits, right. In this instance, social media is a habit, literally posting content is a habit, right? The way that you ramp up your content production and your posting, is by creating the systems to scale up. 

The problem is, a lot of people create the systems before they’ve even got proof of concept, right? So you’ve got people hiring a social media manager, looking at the really expensive software, and spending all the time and money doing that. 

Before, they’ve even consistently just done one post a week, right? So, yeah, what I’m saying is that, the way you’re going to eventually ramp up is by using the right systems. But if you’re creating all of the systems before you’ve actually been consistent, then, that’s not what you want to do. 

Firstly, you want to actually post less content, if it means that you’re creating better content, and actually be consistent with that. Then you can look at, okay, what systems am I going to get in place so that I can scale up my content production? Am I going to be posting like three times a week, five times a week, three times a day, and looking at your capacity like that. 

In conclusion, you want to be posting less content, if it means that you’re able to make it better. If you decided to listen to this advice today, then what’s going to end up happening is that you’re going to end up feeling way less overwhelmed and burnt out with social media. 

Because as I said, pretty much anyone can commit to two posts a week, right? Two really good posts, you’re going to find that you have the spaciousness to actually create good content. That content is going to be more targeted, it’s going to be more strategic. 

At the end of the day, most importantly, because it’s good content, you’re going to end up getting more results from each piece. That means that you can have more impact across several different platforms, because that you can then repurpose something that’s actually working on one platform, you can repurpose that on another platform. 

The best thing about this is that when you actually get the results, when you see results from your social media and your content, that’s actually going to motivate you then to produce more. Versus if you are just like going in trying to do one piece a day and not seeing anything from it, then understandably, you’re going to feel a bit demotivated and thinking like, what’s the point in this?

As I said, my personal experiences, and you don’t have to follow this, but this is just what worked for me is I started off posting once a week when I ease myself in, and then I committed two to three times a week, for a very long time and got amazing results with that, because I was consistent. I was really careful and really strategic with my content. 

Only now am I ramping that up because I have someone that can help. So if you commit to this, to this today, then things will be very, very different for you a year from now. So you’ll no longer be feeling stuck and uninspired with Instagram, you’ll be off that dreaded content hamster wheel. Content won’t be feeling draining, and like it’s a chore, so you’ll actually start to enjoy it. 

The best thing is when you commit to doing strategic value, add content, then that’s going to help you to create revenue in your business. Then you can use that revenue to ramp up the content production, either hiring someone else, or using better software, or stuff like that. 

Only then you could look up posting daily. Being on other platforms, doing all of that without adding more to your plate, right, versus if you continue what you’re doing, then you’ll likely be in the same position with social media in a year’s time, as you are now.

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