Personal Branding Coach Explains Why You’re Struggling Online 

If you want to learn how to build a powerful personal brand online, then that’s exactly what I’m going to be talking about in this blog. 

I really want to dive into what makes a magnetic personal brand. I wanted to talk about today, if you are someone who is finding that your audience isn’t growing or your community isn’t growing, then I think it’s worthwhile, that you started thinking about your personal brand, and the kind of the personal image that you’re putting out there. 

I don’t mean image in a superficial sense, because we are actually going to get quite deep with this. But if you’re finding things like a little bit stagnant with your social media or your business, you’re not having the impact, or the influence that you want to with your content and online, then this is definitely for you. 

Alright, for me personally, the way this happened was, I was at a point where social media wasn’t really working for me. It was really frustrating. Because I knew that I could help people, I knew I could help my audience. And I knew I could help my clients, but I just couldn’t get them to listen to me. 

Everything I’ve learned from that, I’m going to give you a little taste of today. You might also be struggling to get engagement on your content, because that’s like a bit of a side effect of that. 

You might also be someone who is wanting to do a lot of speaking opportunities, going on podcasts, and all of that. But you’re finding that that’s not how that’s not happening. Like you’re having to pitch yourself to people. You’re having to go and ask to be on people’s podcasts, right? 

If you are finding that then again, something you want to look at is your personal brand, and the kind of how powerful it is and what you’re putting out there. So what I want to talk about first is I want you to think about someone who you really admire online. So someone who is really influential over you. 

Someone you’re a fan of. I can think of plenty of people, I might be their biggest supporter. Again, I just want you to think of who that is for you. It might be one person or several people. 

Just think about what makes them so magnetic, right? They’re super confident when they show up. Right? Their personality just shines through. So even though you may not have met them before you feel like you know them for a lot for most of the people that I admire online, actually, I haven’t met them in real life, which is a really strange concept. 

It just goes to show how powerful it is. It’s those people where if someone left something mean about them in the comments, you might be there defending them, like if someone was trolling them, and you saw that you would be compelled to leave a comment. And defend them. Right? 

That is a really good sign that you’re someone’s supporter that is built that is all due to them building a magnetic personal brand. Those people that managed to do that. I’m not going to use a really exaggerated time here. But a lot of opportunities come to them. So they’re going to have people waiting to buy from them, they’re going to have people waiting for them to launch products or services. They literally have a group, an audience that cannot wait to buy from them. That’s really, really powerful. 

The reason that that happens is because they’ve developed the know, like and trust factor, right? If we think about buying something from someone, we need to have those three factors in place. Before we make the buying decision. 

We need to:

  • Know them – (otherwise, we can’t buy from them)
  • Like them
  • Trust them

Because everything to do with business is about trust, right? You need to know that whoever you’re buying from, you need to trust that they’re going to deliver on their promise. Right? So trust is the most important one.

If you build a powerful personal brand online, you’re going to take all of those, right you’re going to take off the knowledge. Social media is an awesome tool to build up the know, like and trust factor. And those people with magnetic personal brands have people waiting to buy things from them, because they’ve built such a powerful brand. 

They developed that trust that needs to happen. Not only that, but they’ve also differentiated themselves so much that people choose them over their competitors. That’s a really important thing. Because there’s so much noise on social media, and one of the biggest challenges we have is actually standing out, right. 

So I want to talk about why you might be finding building a personal brand challenging, and there’s a lot to this, as I said, and it’s a lot of a lot of it has to do with how we see ourselves. So it can get a little bit deep. 

3 Reasons Why people struggle to build a powerful personal brand

  1. The first reason, and probably the most one I see quite often, especially in property. So a lot of my audience in property is trying to be too professional, and trying to be too perfect, right? 

I see a lot of people never sharing the challenges that go on. And with what we’re doing, property, business entrepreneurship, there’s challenges every day, right? But I see people trying to be perfect, or trying to portray this image, that everything’s perfect all of the time, and also trying to be super, super professional, whatever that means, right? 

If you are someone who wears a suit every day, and that is that is literally you then find that is how you should show up online because that’s your true self. But if you’re not, then you don’t need to have some, like alternate ego online, right? 

You just need to show up as yourself. What I’m finding is a lot of people think they need to be professional and perfect. That just doesn’t work. If you are someone who is like that in real life, then fine. But I find that for the majority of people, especially in property, and entrepreneurs, we don’t wear a suit every day. So why are we showing up like that online? And the reason this doesn’t work is simply because it’s not relatable, right? 

A big part of creating that connection with people online is being relatable. But if you are portraying some sort of perfect persona, then that’s not relatable because no one’s perfect. So, yeah, people are just like, everyone’s weird, right. So if you are also weird, then people are going to really relate to you. 

Whereas if you’re trying to be perfect all the time, you’re on this pedestal, and it just causes a distance between you and your audience

The problem is that you’re not creating that relatability. 

  1. The second thing I see is that people are just hiding, they’re hiding behind their logo, and they’re not really showing their face and I get this, it’s not easy, showing your face on social media, it took me a while to do it. But if you need encouragement with this, you need to remember that people don’t really care about what you look like, no one’s analysing what you look like as much as you. 

Not only that, people care more about what you’re saying, right? People care more about the impact that you’re having on them with your content, not if one of your hair is a little bit off, or if you haven’t got makeup on,  people probably aren’t even going to notice. But they are going to notice what you’re actually saying. And the confidence with which you’re saying it and the impact that you make on them. 

So hiding behind your logo, it’s not personable. It’s just, it’s just one of those things: people connect with people. And if we don’t know who’s behind an account, and who’s behind a brand, then we’re just not going to connect with you. Unless you are some giant corporation, which I’m pretty sure you aren’t right. 

  1. The third reason is that you’re not being memorable enough. Again, this happens for several reasons, but mainly people feel like they need to blend in, in order to grow a brand. And what ends up happening is you look at other people’s content, and then you like, replicate it, and very simply, you end up being the same as everyone else. Right? 

As I said, there’s so much noise on social media. So being memorable. You need to stop people from scrolling. You need to stand out. I want to tell you what you actually need to do in order to address everything that I just spoke about, and to actually build a really powerful and magnetic personal brand online. 

It’s really not what you think it’s not about using all of the features of Instagram, or, you know, learning how to pose and getting a million amazing photos of yourself as cool as that would be, that’s not what’s gonna really create that powerful connection, I, what I want you to do is to take baby steps, and I want you to take baby steps in being vulnerable. That’s pretty much it. Right? 

That might not be what you want to hear. But that’s what’s really going to start you off on creating a really, like powerful brand that people can’t help but connect with unrelated to. So the way I approached, this is just starting to tell the stories that I’m ready to tell, right? 

I’m sure there’s stories in your life that you’re not ready to tell. And I don’t recommend that you do any of that on social media, I’m talking about the things that you used to be ashamed about, or that were really significant to you, or that you simply have a story to tell about. But that you’ve worked through and you’ve processed and you’re now in a different place, and you’re just ready to share them.

The rule of thumb is: don’t share a story where you’re depending on people’s reactions. You’re kind of looking for validation on how they’re going to respond to it, in order for you to process what happened. Hopefully, that makes sense, right? 

So it’s just baby steps, just being vulnerable, sharing, that’s pretty much all it is, right. That is going to create those deep connections that make you relatable, that have your audience seeing you as human, and not just like someone on Instagram. 

It’s those kinds of deeper stories and connections that are actually going to get people to just see you as another human, which is what we all are right. At the end of the day. It’s just, we’re all people. So if we can share those things, and again, it’s, it’s not sharing something, you’re, you’re uncomfortable with sharing.

I’m not recommending that at all, I just mean things that you used to be ashamed about or that you would share with friends, maybe it’s just about making it more personable. At the end of the day, you don’t need to pretend like you know everything and pretend it is just going to repel people. Because no one knows everything, the more personable and relatable, you can make it, the better. 

Another tip I have that has worked for me, I guess is being authentic, because that’s what it is, is if I mess up, or if I’m wrong about something, or if I change my mind on something, then I’ll admit to it, and I will address that in my content. 

I will share my experiences and why I’ve done that. People are gonna respect you more if you share the real behind the scenes, raw type stuff. So in conclusion, it’s baby steps. And if you want to take the first step to building a powerful personal brand, get vulnerable, right, just one step. And it will start to feel more comfortable the more you do it. I hope that’s been useful. As always if you have any questions, pop them in the comments. 

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