Organic Digital Marketing, Engagement and Making Sales (Some Myth busting)

Let’s talk about why optimising all of your content for engagement is firstly killing your vibe, but also killing your sales! A big misconception is that engagement is like the most important thing and the be-all and end-all on social media. I’m going to tell you why that just isn’t the case. 

Because actually, when you’re focusing on engagement, and you’re optimising all of your content to that end, then you’re going to result in more harm than good. 

The reason for this is because you are changing your content strategy, and you’re changing your social media actions on very little information, if you don’t have the full picture, and you’re changing your strategy with very limited info, right? 

So let’s imagine that you do a story and it doesn’t get it doesn’t reach as many people as usual, right? What are you going to think you’re going to think, okay, that story was crap, I’m not going to do that, again, I’m going to do something different. 

Let’s just say you do a story, and you go right into like the nitty gritty. You see that more people clicked off or exited that story than usual. Again, you’re going to think, Okay, well, that piece of content wasn’t good. So I’m just not going to do that again, because obviously, it doesn’t work. 

Another example I want to give you is about a reel, let’s just say that you spend ages creating a reel, you post it, and then it just doesn’t get as many likes, as many comments, as usual. And again you think, Alright, well, that reel obviously wasn’t very good. So I’m just going to stop doing reels altogether and I’m just going to try something different, right? 

The problem is that you’re changing, you’re basing your strategy on very limited information. There’s so many factors that could have influenced that, right. So maybe your story isn’t getting as many replies, because it’s simply reaching fewer people that day. So that doesn’t mean that the piece of content you’ve created is crap, it just means that you’ve reached fewer people. Then obviously, you’re going to get less engagement with that. 

Another example is reels, if you’ve done a reel, and again, it’s got fewer likes, or fewer comments than usual. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad piece of content, it may be that the reach on that reel has declined. So it may be that there’s a change in the algorithm, or the way that the algorithm is evolving means that reels are reaching fewer people. Right? 

Do you see how you don’t just look at engagement, you aren’t looking at the whole picture, right? The problem with that, as I said, is that you’re then changing your content strategy, just on like very short term results. 

The purpose of your content isn’t to, like, get likes and comments, the purpose of your content is that it nurtures people over time

So if you are judging how a piece of content is performing on really short term metrics, like immediate comments, or immediate likes, or anything like that, then you’re really really hindering yourself, alright? Because you end up creating content that is optimised to get likes, or I call the vanity metrics, and it’s not optimised to get sales, right. 

The most important thing I want to say is, when you start selling, when you hop on stories to sell, or you do a post that’s promoting your offer, or what you do, it’s going to get less engagement, like fewer people are going to engage with that piece of content, right? 

That doesn’t mean that by selling you’re putting your audience off, or that you should stop promoting your offer and that you should stop selling. What it simply means is that not everyone in your audience is a buyer. Like not everyone in your audience is a client, not everyone in your audience is going to buy your product or your service, right? 

So it’s natural that when you do a piece of content that selling, fewer people are going to engage. Now imagine if you stopped selling, just because people weren’t engaging with that piece of content, right? 

You just wouldn’t make any sales. Okay? Not everyone’s going to buy from you and that’s okay. Not everyone’s going to engage with content that is targeted for people who want to buy your product or service. 

  • Don’t change your course of action and your strategy on here just because a post where you are selling or promoting something is getting less engagement, because that’s just normal. 

Just don’t change your content strategy full stop by looking at like really short term results and reading and fixating on your engagement and fixating on your metrics, because it’s going to do more harm than good. 

If you are a service based business owner, so you are doing some form of coaching, consulting, mentoring, even done for you services, then check out the free training. That’s going to really help you understand where you’re going wrong on social media.

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