How to Become an Independent Consultant & Sell Out Your Services Using Instagram

I will give you a mini training on how to sell your one-on-one services. I have three tips for you today: 


  • What is the result that clients get from working with you? 
  • What is the outcome from using your service? 

Your clients are currently at their point A. So they’re in their current reality, and they want to get somewhere, which is their point B, and your service basically gets them to that point B. 

You need to be clear about the transformation they are experiencing. This is what you want people to buy, so the transformation, the promise, and the outcome of your service will then inform all of your messaging, all of your social media content, everything. 

If that isn’t clear from the start, then it’s just going to mean that the messaging you’re putting out there is really muddy. If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that confused people don’t buy.


You know, when you’re watching a movie, or reading a book, or watching a TV show, and there’s a couple in there, and you know from like the very first episode that there’s chemistry and that they’re gonna get together. But for some reason they don’t, the producers really long out, and you’re literally on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next episode to come out. 

Literally, you’re like, come on, When are they going to get together? This is so frustrating. 

That is what you need to do with your content, you need to create this sense of demand with your audience in the same way that they do that with couples in TV shows. If you are just dropping your offer on your audience cold, without doing any warming up, they’re not going to engage with your content, and they are not going to buy. 

So this is a really big part of what we do inside the Content Accelerator, we look at:

  •  What type of content are we creating in order to start generating demand for our services? 

Your content needs to be giving your audience many mindset shifts, and many breakthroughs, right? Much like this piece of content is here. Because that’s going to build your authority with your audience, it’s going to build your credibility, it’s going to build demand. 

For those people right now who are watching you, that are ready to buy, it’s going to warm them up and kind of pull them to the next level. 


So if you did your content, right, then your people are going to be like spicy hot, ready to buy, right? Because you’ve generated that demand for your services. Now I remember when I started, I would be really inconsistent with my content. And then I would expect my people to just like, randomly somehow find my secret paypal account and deposit their money in there. It just doesn’t work like that. 

You need to show up and sell right, you need to make at least one invitation daily. It’s impossible to get any sales if you’re not inviting your people to purchase your service. It’s that simple. 

The more you invite people in, the more sales you’re going to get.

Now if you’re feeling resistance around showing up and selling, that is another issue. One thing I see a lot in the online space is the resistance to showing up because you yourself are not obsessed with your offer. 

Like you’ve got to be absolutely obsessed and always raving about what you’re doing. Because if you’re not passionate about it, how do you expect people to buy, right? If you’re not absolutely in love with your offer, that’s going to show in everything it’s going to show in your content. It’s going to show in your body language when you show up online and your competence. 

If you are seeing resistance to literally go in there and start sharing what you’ve created with the world, then you need to look a bit deeper into that:

  • What’s the actual problem?
  • Why are you not feeling super competent about selling what you’ve created?

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