Instagram Reels: Quick and Easy Tips to explode your reach

If you’re looking for an easy way to create more real content, and you want a complete tutorial on what to do, then this blog post is for you.

Instagram Reels

Before I implemented this method it took me so long to create just one reel.

This is one of my best performing reels, and it went viral, it had over 50,000 views, which was absolutely amazing. As you can see, it’s quite complex. So it’s almost like a mini movie in itself. To create these types of reels, it actually took me like a really long time. 

Therefore, not only did I have to come up with the concept and the story myself, but it also took multiple takes and a lot of editing to produce something like this.

Even though this did go viral, I realised two things:

Firstly, when a reel goes viral, it doesn’t necessarily mean a lot. I did get some new followers, but nothing drastic like you’d expect from a viral video. Thus, I came to the conclusion that a reel going viral isn’t the end goal. 

A second realisation I had was that actually for most people, producing such complex reels that convey quite an in-depth story is definitely unrealistic. For most business owners who don’t create content full time, creating a reel like this is simply too time consuming. As a result, I thought there has to be a more efficient way of doing this. 

Now, this new way is going to allow you to create reels that are just as effective, but that are so much faster and easier to create

Because the thing I realised is that the problem for most people is that they don’t have the ideas, they don’t really know where to start with their reels. So they NEVER  START. 

Another thing that tends to slow people down or stop them from starting is that they think they need to reinvent the wheel every time. This is exactly what I was doing when I first started. 

Using this method is going to be a good starting point. So you don’t get stuck with your setup ready to film, but have no idea how to actually communicate and create a reel. 


You should take inspiration from other people’s reels when it comes to creating reels quickly and easily. So just go in the reel as part of the Instagram app, or you can go on TikTok. 

The very first step you should take when trying to create reels quickly and easily is to look at other people’s reels for when I’m flicking through reels, I will see a piece of content that is in a completely different niche. So it might be about beauty, or fitness or something like that.

Then I have an idea by listening to that sound. Looking at that concept of how I can actually have a similar reel and a similar piece of content using that sound. 

For my niche, what you want to do is to just save all of the sounds that you are inspired by just like this, so that when you go to create the reels in the app, you can go and find the sounds that you’ve saved, and then use those to create your reel. 

So just to give you an idea, this is a reel that I recently created. So it’s very much to do with my niece, which is entrepreneurship and business. And then this is the original reel that I got the inspiration from. So as you can see, the filming setup is really similar, and the sound is exactly the same. 

What I’ve changed, and reinvented is the actual text and the whole theme of the reel. This is exactly why this is so effective. It’s because you’re using sounds that are already popular, and that are trending. You’re just repurposing that for your audience. 

Now, one thing you do want to do as you’re saving all of these sounds, is to also just put a short note in the notes part of your phone, because what you’re going to do is you’re going to end up with a long list of saved sounds, but you might actually forget what vision you had for each of those rules. 

So you just want to have notes in your phone, so that when you go and recreate those rules and you pick the sound, you can then refer to your notes and find the exact idea for what text you’re actually putting in that rule. I hope that made sense because that felt really long winded, but it made sense in my head. 


Now the next thing you want to do when it comes to filming reels quickly and easily is to get your filming set up ready. 

One thing I’ve realised is that actually you do need to have really good and crisp audio, which is sorted because you’ve saved the sound sound, but also really crisp video for your reels to actually stand out. 

In order to do that, it just means having sufficient light.

You don’t need any fancy lighting, you just need to make sure that you have sufficient natural light, so that you stand out in the reel. Actually, if you can get a background light just like this one, it’s really going to make you pop and stand out. 

Then you want to place your phone or camera in front of you, it can be on a tripod or just a set of books, propped it up, have the natural light literally coming from behind it so that you’re illuminated. And then you can get filming, before we get into actually filming. 

One thing you do really need to bear in mind is that you are in the middle third of the screen. So as you can see here, this is my phone screen, and you can see my face, and all of the actions and things that my audience needs to see are actually contained to the middle third of that screen. 

So just make sure that you’re not shooting at super close up, and that you fit everything in the middle third of the screen. 


The next step for creating Instagram reel quickly and easily is to actually film The reel. So you have your setup ready and now you just need to go into the reels part of the app and pick the first sound that you want to recreate a reel around, and you just have to simply replicate what you saw in the original reel. 

So if this is something that you’re not really going to remember, then make sure that you also save the reels when you’re looking at them. But for me, I tend to just remember what the scene roughly looked like. 

Then kind of recreate it with the lighting that’s available to me here is one I made earlier. And as you can see, I’ve kept all of my face and all of the important parts to the middle third of the screen. And now I’m just adding text in. This is really important. You also want to keep the text to that MIDDLE THIRD OF THE SCREEN!

Okay, so I’m not putting anything right above my head, or really low down on the frame. The reason this is so important when you’re creating quick and easy reels is because your reels are going to show up in three places. 

So firstly, they’re going to show up on your feed, and that’s a square crop. That’s only going to get the middle third or 1/3 of that whole reel in. 

The second place they’re going to show up is on other people’s feeds, which is again at cutting off the top and bottom. The only place that they’re going to show up full screen as you’re seeing it now is when people are actually viewing them in the reels feature itself and when you set it up like this, it means that firstly, you don’t have to create a separate cover for the reel, which is just an extra step. But also, you’re not going to have any text get cut off when you post that reel. 

So when people are viewing it, firstly on your feed, but also in their feed, you’re not going to get any of the important information being cut off. So you just know that you’re safe, and that you’ve formatted everything correctly. 


The next step for creating Instagram rules quickly and easily is to post your reel. So three things you want to do here. 

Firstly, you want to go and change the cover. So just toggle through and pick a part of the reel that’s going to pique people’s interest and then you just want to go and tweak the profile image. 

Because you’ve kept everything to the middle third of the screen, this part shouldn’t be too difficult. But you just want to make sure that nothing is getting cut off and that it looks good on your feed then what you want to do as soon as you finish that reel, and especially if you’re not posting it straight away is to actually download it. 

So this is going to download it without the sound but that’s fine, because you can always just add that later. The reason you want to download it is so that you have a backup. 

Instagram has deleted all of my reels in draft and I know it’s happened to many, many other people. 

Make sure that after you’ve finished filming, you download it just so you have a copy in your camera roll and then you can save it to draft or you can go ahead and post it.

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