Instagram Growth: 5 Min Daily Engagement Routine on: How to grow your account

Today, we’re going to be talking about Instagram growth. I’m going to be giving you a five minute daily engagement routine. So if you want to learn how to stop scrolling, and to make the time that you do spend on the app way more productive, then keep on reading. 

So a lot of social media experts will say social media is social, you have to actually engage with people to grow. And whilst that might be true, what I realised is that for most business owners, this just isn’t practical. So as a business owner or entrepreneur, you simply don’t have to spend an hour or an hour every single day, where you can spend engaging with people on your Instagram. 

So after hearing this, a mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make is actually outsourcing that engagement, either to a VA, or someone else on their team. What just happens when you do that is that your audience starts to realise, and they know that it isn’t actually you that they’re engaging with. 

What ends up happening is the Instagram account that you actually hope to increase engagement on, the engagement actually ends up falling. So the purpose of this blog post is, firstly, to make sure that you as the business owner are only focusing on the right type of engagement, that’s actually going to generate results, and that you’re not doing it for longer than you need to. 

Before we dive into these tips, and start panicking about how much you’ve got to do, I just want you to remember this, there is an inverse relationship between the amount of engagement you need to do and the amount of time that you’ve been on Instagram and the size of the audience that you’ve built. 

So at the very start, when you’ve just got an Instagram account, and it’s brand new, you will have to do a lot more engagement versus when you are more established, you’re posting content consistently, and you have a bigger audience. 

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t engage when you have a larger audience, I’m just saying to remember what the purpose of engagement is. And that is to drive traffic to your profile. So when you are just starting out, engaging is going to be the number one way that you are driving traffic to your Instagram, vs. when you’re more established, your content is what’s going to drive people in, so you no longer have to manually do it. 


The first tip I have for you when it comes to creating an Instagram engagement routine is to actually schedule that time that you’re going to be engaging into your calendar. So it might seem a bit silly. But if you don’t take this step, then what’s going to happen is that you either are going to completely forget to engage, or you’re just going to end up picking up your phone throughout the day. And scrolling aimlessly. What works for me when I’m engaging on Instagram is to do it during what I call dead time. 


So if I am in a queue somewhere, or I’m waiting for something, maybe I’m just waiting in the car, then that is when I’ll do my engagement on Instagram. For you, it might be in the evenings when you’re watching TV, or just when you’re kind of doing something that doesn’t require a lot of concentration. 


Another option, which may work for you is to just set a timer on your phone. So maybe you want to set it three times a day, twice a day, even just once a day. And that’s going to go off and remind you that it’s time for you to engage. But the absolute key with this step is to find something that works for you and to stick to it.


Moving on to the next tip. And that is to find an influencer in your niche and to leave a thoughtful comment. Now when I say an influencer, I don’t mean someone with like millions of followers because your comment is just going to get lost. What I mean is someone that has maybe upwards of 3000 followers, up to about 50,000 followers.

So someone with that size of an account is going to be influential in their niche, but they are small enough that your comment and your interactions aren’t going to get lost in a sea of other peoples. And because they’re a fairly small influencer account, it’s actually going to mean that the engagement on their page is a lot higher, which bodes well for you because it actually means that people will be reading the comments, you can find these influences either via hashtags, or you can search for them directly

If you wanted to connect with other entrepreneurs, or see influences that were in the entrepreneur space, then you could simply type entrepreneur in the search bar and see who comes up like that. So when it’s your time to engage everyday, all you have to do is go to their profiles, and these people will typically be very active, so there will likely be content for you to leave a thoughtful comment on now I’m sure you know this already. 

When I say a thoughtful comment, I don’t mean something super general, or like three fire emojis, what I mean is actually engaging with that content. So reading that post and posting something football or a question or just like a commentary that’s really specific to what they said in the post. 


The next tip I have for you is to go and engage with the followers of that influencer that you just left a comment on. So if that influencer is in your niche or they are a competitor, in other words, then their followers are likely to be interested in your content as well. 

So one thing you can do is go into the comments section and actually like everyone’s comment, because that’s going to bring some eyeballs to your account, or even better is to actually go into those individual people’s accounts, and actually engage with them that way. 


The next tip I have for you when it comes to a daily engagement routine on Instagram is to use the suggested accounts feature. Now, Instagram has quite poor search capabilities. So it’s actually quite hard to find these people in your niche and these influences. 

When you find someone, then what you can do is go and use the suggested accounts feature to find other people that are similar to them. And then you can just repeat that whole process all over again.

It’s important to note that the suggested accounts feature isn’t very good when you’re dealing with a small account. You want to make sure that you are actually using it on people who have a large following, so not someone under 1000 followers or something like that. 

I think it has something to do with the fact that the algorithm just has more data to work with when someone has a large audience. And then it can therefore make a more accurate suggestion. 


The next tip is to nurture your existing followers. Now that you spent that time engaging with new audiences, and drawing new people to your profile, it’s time to actually look after your existing followers and build those relationships. 

What you want to do here is you want to find the most active people in your audience. I call these your advocates or fans. These are the people that are always watching your stories, they’re always replying to them in the DMS. They’re always liking your content and leaving comments

What you need to do here is to give back and to actually nurture that relationship. So find those active people and then go and engage with their content. 

You really want to give them as much as they’re giving you so you know, if someone’s really active and they’re like, leaving you really thoughtful comments, and DMS, then don’t just go and like they’re, you know, free previous posts. 

You really want to also be leaving comments and actually engaging with them.

You’ve got to remember that looking after your existing followers is just as important as trying to get new ones. 

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