Instagram Strategy for Property Investors & Developers

If you’re a property investor, so someone who’s buying property to hold, or you’re a property developer, so as someone who’s buying property to add value, and then to sell, then this article is for you. 

Now, both of these require you to use other people’s money. So investors money to grow your business and social media, especially Instagram is an absolutely fantastic tool to do that. 

Post valuable content

My first tip is to avoid having content like: a picture of a hole in the ground, a toilet, and a construction truck does not demonstrate your expertise as a real estate investor or developer. The same goes for completion posts.

So if all of your content is something like this, just you know, shouting about a property that you’ve completed on, that doesn’t really say much about your expertise, all it says is that you buy property, which is great, but I tend to find that content like this is more of an ego boost, as opposed to good content that’s going to attract investors. A lot of the time, this type of content is actually just for other property people. 

Stop hiding behind your logo

At the end of the day people buy from people and people invest in other people, they don’t invest in a logo or just a faceless company. If you currently have company branding, that’s absolutely great. If someone visits your profile, they should see your face and know who the director of your company is, okay, because people invest in you if they 

  • Know you
  • Like you
  • Trust you 

That’s not going to happen if your profile is just a bunch of logos, and pictures of holes in the ground and we don’t actually know who this person is. 

This is a very basic step, make sure that you sort this out before you move on to the other steps. When you do this, you also want to sort out your Instagram bio. 

Here is a link to my other blog post about ‘’How to write a killer Instagram bio’’:

Think about your end goal

What I see a lot of the times with business owners is that you have heard that you need to be on social media. So you get on there and you start posting a bunch of content without an objective. The result of that is that you just get burnt out because your efforts aren’t really tied to a business goal. 

Therefore, your efforts aren’t really accomplishing anything, which is why you don’t really keep up with them, because you aren’t sure why you are doing them in the first place.

Take a step back and set an actual strategy and think:

  • Who are you trying to attract on this platform? 
  • Who are you creating content for?

At this point, a lot of the clients I work with, they start listing all these different people that they’re trying to attract into their business and the first thing we do is we cut that down, and we really focus on one main person that you are creating your content for. 

Now, at this point, a lot of my clients might say that they want to find JV partners, they want to find investors or they want to let or sell their properties, I can tell you from experience that Instagram probably isn’t the best way to find a JV partner.

I would suggest actually meeting people for that. So either going to networking or looking at your existing network, Instagram can very much be the beginning of that, but you shouldn’t really be gearing all of your efforts towards finding a JV partner. The same goes for letting rooms or selling your property. There are simply more efficient ways to be doing that. Going through agents or all of the online portals, so I really wouldn’t focus on that as your main goal.

Use your social media to attract investment. 

Now what I would focus on if you are a property investor or developer is to: use social media. It is such a good tool for people to watch you from afar to watch how you operate and to build up that know, like and trust factor. So look at your business goals over the next 12 – 24 months. If you are a property investor or developer that would likely include raising money and finding opportunities. 

You’re not going to find opportunities on Instagram, but you are going to be able to raise money. So I would say for the majority of you, attracting investment, and raising your profile in order to do that on social media is a really good goal to have. Before I move on to the next tip, if you want to learn more about actually building a business on Instagram and hitting your first 10k, from social media, then make sure you download my 0-10k roadmap, this guide will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to hit your first 10k of revenue, or raise your first 10k of investment from social media. So make sure you grab it.

Work out your ideal client

Get absolutely clear on what your ideal client is, there are plenty of terms for them, you might say they’re your target audience, your perfect passenger, something that makes them exciting to you, because you will spend a lot of time with them.

The reason this is so  important is because what 99% of people will do with their content is to try and speak to everyone. When you try to speak to everyone, you end up speaking to no one. So when you identify that one person that you are speaking to in your content, that’s when they will start to listen, my top tip for getting clear on your ideal client or ideal investor, in this case, because that’s who you’re trying to attract, is to think of them as just one person that you would love to work with again, and again.

What most people do is they think of a range of people that would fit their ideal investor profile. You know, they might be 25 – 50 years old, they might live in the UK, better think of one person and be super specific:

  • So how old are they? 
  • What are their pain points?

And all of that, but you’re just thinking of one person who you would absolutely love to work with, over and over again. 

Imagine that you’re having a cup of coffee with them. It might seem a little lame, but this will really help you to get into their heads and to understand who this individual is that you’re speaking with. So now every time that you create a piece of content, or you write a social media post, you have them in your mind, and you think that you are speaking directly to them. 

This is going to allow your content to become really clear and it’s going to allow the very people that you want to attract to actually listen to you and to feel like you’re speaking directly to them. It’s gonna have people reaching out to you in your DMS saying, I feel like you’re speaking directly to me, how can we possibly work together. 

Plan your content

Next step I have for you in your Instagram strategy is to sit down and plan your content. I don’t mean get your VA to do it or get someone else to do it. I mean, you as the business owner, to map out your content. What I see a lot of the time in the property industry is that property people will have a VA or someone else who does their content for them. But they will leave that other person to actually set the content strategy and most of the time, a VA is not a social media expert, nor do they know your ideal investor, your ideal client as well as you do. 

I feel really strongly about this because I just don’t understand why you would have an inefficiency in your business. So for a lot of property, people that social media is not quite achieving the results they want to achieve. 

I don’t understand why you would then outsource that, and pay someone to continue doing that inefficiency, and pay for the privilege, it just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

So if you are going to outsource your content to a VA, then make sure that you plan it first and you give them direction on what they actually should be posting. Now let’s look at what that actually should be a good question to ask yourself is, what type of content would an investor need to see to take them from a:

 Stranger  →  Follower  →   Investor

Really, like think about that. Just to give you a few ideas, they’re going to want to see:

  • Your expertise
  • How do you deal with problems?
  • What are your values? (weather they align with theirs)

They’re not just going to want to see all of the highlights and everything going amazingly so this is where it’s really important for you to actually be talking about problems that you’ve encountered in your business and then how you’ve rectified them, because it’s really going that deep. That’s what’s going to allow investors to actually want to invest in you.

Stop using industry jargon

There are a lot of people out there who will be your future investors, they don’t know what a HMO is, they don’t know all of the lingo that goes on in the industry. So just try and use everyday language. You know, if you have a HMO, you could explain what it is or you could just use the term shared house or multi-let, because like everyday, people are going to understand that they’re not necessarily going to understand what a HMO is. 

So how do you actually break down and plan your content? Let’s just say that you are a property developer, I want you to break your business down into five parts, and that means you’re going to get really detailed in your content. So let’s just say you’re a property developer, you could break your business down into the following five parts, you could have:

As with macroeconomics, breaking down a property development business into five parts, there are so many different ways to do it, from refurbishing to raising capital. Simply run through your business processes and then break them down, because that will help you develop super detailed content. 

Once you have done that, and remember, there isn’t like one way to do it, this is totally up to you, it’s just thinking, what are the most important parts of my business, and then using them as a starting point, once you’ve done that, then for each stage, or each part that you’ve broken it down into, you want to look at the following

You want to think about your top tips when it comes to that area, and you want to write them all down, okay, and you want to do that for each of them. We actually need to go a lot deeper than that. 

So top tips and tricks are your first thing, then you want to look at mistakes. So again, for each part, think about the mistakes that people tend to make when it comes to them. So when it comes to the property market, when it comes to property investment strategies, when it comes to finding an area to invest in, etc, etc, then you want to look at the industry BS, as I call it. So all of the BS, that’s fine around the industry that you don’t agree with and again, do it for each section.

 Then finally, you want to brainstorm all of the objections that your ideal investor has when it comes to each one of them. So just to give you an example, let’s just say you’re looking at sourcing opportunities and investors objection to that might be, it’s really hard to find opportunities in the current market, or I can’t invest in property because I don’t know how to find the right properties, then with your content, you would hit on those two points there and just to give you another example, so if you are looking at the industry BS, and you are on the investor relations, part of your brainstorm, then you could just look at how other property people tend to do investor relations.

Then, you know, see if you agree with it, why you don’t and what your stance is, and while you do it differently, so hopefully, you can see how this is going to produce some really, really good content for you. If you just spend, you know, a couple of hours doing this, then you would come up with content ideas for the whole year and then you can go and give that content plan to your VA or whoever’s creating your social media content. 

Posting schedule

Now, the next tip I have when it comes to an Instagram strategy for property people is to put all of this, these content ideas and this content brainstorm into a posting schedule. 

Now I’m going to give you the optimum posting schedule. And this tends to be too much for most people. So you need to adjust this according to the time you have and the resources you have to put into social media. 

So in an ideal world, you would:

  • Post stories EVERY day
  • Feed posts 3-5 times a week
  • Post reels at least 3 times a week
  • IGTV posts once a week

Now I know this can seem really overwhelming. So I’m just going to give you a few quick ideas about how you can actually produce this content a lot quicker than you think. 

For the stories to be on there daily, you could literally just as you go for your daily walk, just film yourself walking and talking, and then talk to one of the ideas in your content brainstorm. Okay, it’s as easy as that. So if you do a walk a day, or if you’re just going somewhere, it literally takes less than a minute to film a story and to just talk freely about one of the ideas for the shower, the graphics, you could that go on your feed, you could literally just give your content ideas to your VA and then they can create some graphics for you in Canva. 

For reels, you could again take these content ideas that we’ve spoken about and just do a really quick reel where you’re just pointing around and giving your quick tips for addressing all those things that we spoke about earlier. 

Finally, for an IG TV, you could literally interview or have just a coffee chat with someone in your life or your industry with another property person. You could then just save that and have that as an IG TV. 

If you want more ideas on how to actually organise an IG TV really quickly and easily, then make sure you watch this video (link below)

If you are outsourcing absolutely everything, including the caption writing of your social media content to a VA, or someone who just isn’t that experienced with social media, then make sure that you direct them to this video here, because this is going to take you step by step through what you need to do to actually write captions that are going to convert people from a follower to an actual client or an investor. 

Start building a database of potential investors

So what do I mean by this? It means you need to remember that Instagram is not your business, your business happens offline. So the sooner you can move your people off of the platform, the better. 

In the event that something happened to your Instagram account tomorrow, and you no longer had access to all of your ideal clients and investors, what would you do? To be honest, this could happen at any moment to any one of us. So it’s really important to remove all of those people as soon as possible and you’ll begin building a database of potential clients and investors that you could then market to, or at least have a coffee with, when you have a new project that needs to be funded. 

This is such a good way to fund your future projects that I really don’t know why more property people aren’t using this. Now, to set this up, you obviously need to use software. So it’s actually not that complicated. You just need a landing page builder.

So there’s lots of free ones out there that are really intuitive. I would recommend the software: Card, you can use it for completely free, you would then need some email marketing software. You have lots of options, but MailChimp gives you your first 1000 subscribers free. 

You just need Canva to create your lead magnet and then you just need to put it all together. If that’s feeling a little bit too advanced for you, then you don’t have to systemize it, you could simply just have an Excel spreadsheet, and you could collect people’s emails in the DMS. 

If you’re having a conversation about property and your next project and you know they expressed interest in potentially investing in you, then you could just simply ask for their email, and then just manually start building up your investor database that way now there are a few compliance issues to be aware of especially the FCA regulations on financial promotions. I won’t go into it here but make sure that you do your research before you start marketing to these potential investors. 

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