Creating Content for Business: How to Repurpose Like a Pro

Today we’re going to be diving into creating content for business, and specifically – content repurposing. If you want to create more content in a shorter amount of time, and stop duplicating your work, then this blog post is perfect for you. 

Before we get into the specific tips for repurposing content, I firstly just want to call out the top mistakes that I see a lot of entrepreneurs make when trying to ramp up their content output by repurposing. 

Mistake 1: Repurposing business content without thinking about the nuances of social media platforms

In my view, one of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is not understanding what repurposing is. A mistake that a lot of business owners make is taking a piece of content, and then posting it across all the different platforms. That presents a problem since different content performs better on different platforms. 

This means if you are taking super long form content, for example, that would do really well on a platform like YouTube or a podcast. But if you’re then simply posting that on Instagram, which is more suited to shorter bite sized type content, then it’s not going to perform very well. 

On top of that you might be getting errors or your content might look poorly formatted when you’re uploading, simply because the dimensions aren’t right for that specific platform. 

The point of content repurposing is to use the same content idea (and sometimes the same piece of content), but to reformat it so that it fits the specific social media platform.  

What this means is that you’re not necessarily using the exact same piece of content. This is rare. You actually have to do some editing before you can use it on another platform. And this is the part that most people misunderstand. 

Mistake 2: Posting “bite-sized” content that doesn’t work on it’s own

Another big mistake I see a lot of people making is following Gary Vee’s content model exactly. If you are not familiar with Gary Vee’s content model, it is basically pillar content in the form of podcasts, YouTube videos and interviews. The pillar content is then chopped up into “bite-sized” pieces for other social media platforms like Instagram, where the content format tends to be shorter. 

GaryVee’s Content Model 

Attempting to follow this content model can cause a lot of frustration with entrepreneurs. It’s important to remember that yes, Gary Vee follows this model and it’s effective. But also, his content team consists of 30 people. Most people, if they’re doing it by themselves or with a small team, will find creating this much content and following that content model near impossible. 

So whilst I think that this is a great idea to have your long form pillar content, and then to chop it up into smaller pieces, I don’t think actually following the GaryVee content model to the tee is feasible for most of us. 

I’m going to give you practical tips that you can implement today to actually make your efforts go further as an entrepreneur creating content for your business. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get straight to the tips. 

Tip 1: Instagram Stories -> IGTV

The first tip for creating content for business is to repurpose your Instagram Stories into IGTV. Stories are an absolutely amazing way to connect with your audience and to nurture that relationship and hopefully, you are already using stories every day. If you’re still unsure about the different content formats on Instagram and when you should be using them and why then make sure you watch this video.

The drawback of Stories is that they disappear after 24 hours. If you are on stories daily, then you want to make sure that you are making the most of them otherwise that time is not spent as efficiently as it could be. Yes, you can pin your top performing Stories to your Highlights; however, you can make that Story content go even further by repurposing it for IGTV.

This means it will come up on your feed and create yet another piece of content. The way you do that is simple – you just have to go back into your archive, find the story, and then screen record it as it runs through. If the end-result is a longer video, you can use it for IGTV. If it’s shorter and snappier you could add some edits and post it as a Reel. 

Tip 2: Carousel posts -> Reels 

The second tip I have for you when it comes to creating more content for your business is to repurpose your carousel posts and graphics into reels. 

This is a carousel post with a graphic that performs really well. As you can see, I’ve outlined the top three tips with a call to action at the end. What you can actually do is instead of having this as a graphic carousel, you can repurpose this into a reel where you have the title at the very beginning of the video, as a “hook”. 

Then you’re just pointing around at the screen, and each one of these “tips” comes up as you point. Simple! For Reels, one thing to remember when you’re creating these is that you want them to appeal to new audiences. So you don’t want to make them necessarily personal or too specific to you. Check out this blog post to dive deeper into Reels.  

Tip 3: Instagram Lives -> IGTV

The next business content tip is to save your Instagram Lives and repost them as IGTVs. The nature of Instagram Lives is that not many people are actually going to be free to watch the whole thing and to tune in while you’re doing the Live! So you can make it evergreen and post it on your feed, and you’ll actually get the majority of your views of that Live after you’ve actually done it. 

Once you wrap up your live you’ll have the option to either share to IGTV straight away, or you can download that video and it will be saved to your photo app, which you can then re-upload to IGTV. 

Tip 4: Podcasts & YouTube videos -> Blog Posts & Email Newsletters

The next tip is to repurpose your longer-form YouTube videos, podcasts and IGTVs into blog posts or email newsletters. It’s super easy and affordable to do this with a service like or You just have to upload your video and then you get back a transcription, which you can edit and just use as a blog post or email newsletter!

This has been a game changer for me when creating content for business. It has allowed me to create more leads without creating more and more content. You can do this very affordably even if you’re just starting out because you can use software to create the transcript, and then you can hire someone to just edit it, which will be much cheaper than writing it from scratch. 

Tip 5: Go Live on multiple platforms at once

The next tip I have for you when it comes to creating content for business is to go live on two platforms at once. So typically, if I’m doing an Instagram Live, I’ll do that on my phone. But I also have my laptop open recording so that I can stream live to Facebook as well. Because if you’re already using that time to go live on one platform, you may as well double up or even triple up and go live on multiple platforms!

Now obviously, if you only have two devices, then you can only stream to two places. But you can also use a service like  which is going to allow you to go live on multiple platforms at once. 

Tip 6: Video content -> carousels

The next tip I have for you is to go back through your old posts and look for any video content that you can repurpose as carousel posts. This is an especially effective tip because you can just hand this over to a team member or a VA!  

So for example, this is a carousel post that I created from a longer form piece of content that I actually did about nine different content ideas for property entrepreneurs. I took that long video, and I just created a carousel post with a tip on each page!  

This is the kind of thing that’s really easy to outsource because you can send that long video to your VA or your team member. Then they can create a carousel post for you. What’s even better is that you can use this exact same piece of content carousel post for LinkedIn. 

You don’t really have to make any changes, you’ve already got the graphics, you just need to post them on LinkedIn as well. You can either upload it as a photo, so it just has to be fewer than nine photos, or nine slides. Or if it’s longer, you can upload it as a PDF. 

Tip 7: Share people’s comments

Finally, you can repost people’s comments and create content for your business from that. What I typically do is I screenshot any comments I get, and then I repost them to my Stories on Instagram. You can also do this with DMs from your clients telling you about their wins – just make sure to ask first! For example, here is a piece of business content that I created from a client DM. I used this on my Instagram Stories, on my feed as a carousel, and then finally as an email to my community. 

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