How to Get Clients on Instagram (Without Being Pushy or Sales-y)

Are you starting a business from home and looking for your first customers? If you’re spending lots of time on Instagram with no clients to show for it, then this blog is exactly for you. 

I’m going to show you 4 must-have steps to help you start some conversations with your potential customers. The best part? We’re going to do it without sending any of those weird, spammy DMs. It’s all going to sound super natural and flowy.

Let’s go! 

Step 1: Write your Instagram bio

If you want to get new clients, my first tip for you is to think of your Instagram bio almost like your CV. Visitors to your profile should be able to look at your profile and understand within 5 – 10 seconds what you do, and see how you can help them. In other words, you need to make use of every single element of your bio. It’s all valuable real estate! Let’s take a look at your headline, for example. 

Your headline is actually searchable. This means that you don’t want to put the name of your company there, because nobody knows what that is yet – and therefore they won’t search for it. The only exception to this is if you’re already a bigger, established brand which customers are likely to know and actively search for. 

Ideally, you should have something that your clients are looking for.

Think about what your clients are searching for and make sure you include it in your headline. For example, if you are a LinkedIn consultant, you might have LinkedIn Coach or LinkedIn Help or LinkedIn Tips. Think about what your clients would be searching to find someone like you.

Another part of your bio that needs to be optimised is something called your niche statement or value statement. This is essentially a sentence that explains in detail what it is that you do, so make sure it is clear. A really good way to test this actually is to just show a random person your bio, and see if they can understand what it is that you do in under 5 seconds. When I worked as a copywriter for clients, I would do this in coffee shops! 

Step 2: Create valuable, share-worthy content

The next tip I have when it comes to starting a business from home and getting clients from Instagram, is to create value-add content. You may have heard a lot of people talk about valuable or value-add or share-worthy content. Most people actually mistake this for really detailed in-depth, how-to content. Although most of that content is good, it’s not necessarily the best type of content to be designing if you want to get clients and you want to get sales. The reason for this is because people are usually not ready to buy straight away when they come across your profile. 

Therefore, this kind of detailed and in depth content is going to overwhelm the prospect as it’s too early in the buyer journey. And so they won’t purchase. It’s also going to overwhelm you as the content creator because you’re having to create such comprehensive content all the time. Let me just give you an example to really clarify this point … 

Let’s just say that I teach people how to make pizza. If I started doing a lot of in depth recipes, or “how to” type content on pizza, that’s great initially. It will work to persuade buyers who already love pizza to take action.

But some people in my audience might think the following: 

  • Pizza is really unhealthy
  • It takes forever to make it 
  • It’s really expensive to make at home. 

Therefore, they won’t be interested in my content or buy from me at all. All of these false beliefs that they have about pizza are likely to prevent them from buying. So how do we change this? Well, if I started creating content about topics like: 

  • How you can make pizza healthy
  • How to make a pizza in under 10 minutes
  • How much it really costs to make a pizza

… Then all of those people who didn’t listen to my content in the past will start paying attention. It’s because I’m capturing attention at an earlier stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Not only am I creating valuable content, but I’m also getting rid of all of these mind blocks, these false beliefs and these objections that my audience might have that prevents them from buying from me. This type of content is just as effective and valuable as the “how to” type content, and it’s easier for you to produce as the business owner and content creator. 

Step 3: Engage with your audience

The next tip I have for you for starting a business from home is to engage with at least 5 ideal clients every day. Now, one of the mistakes a lot of people make is believing that engaging on Instagram means liking and commenting on other people’s posts. Even though that’s engagement, it’s not the type of engagement that gets people to become clients. 

In order to really engage your audience and prospects, you need to go beyond that surface level engagement, and actually have real conversations.

What you do is you take those conversations that you have in the comment section, or whatever public area of Instagram you are on, and you turn those private! Because when you have a private conversation with your prospects, that is when they are really going to open up. You’re going to be able to start to understand their problems and see whether you can help them. Your goal is to turn these public conversations into one-to-one in your DMs. 

I really suggest sending voice notes if you do that, because it is so much better than just texting back. Or even better, you can send video messages within the DMs too. Mix it up and have fun! Now at this point you may be wondering – okay, that’s great, but how do I actually start these conversations without being pushy?  

Step 4: Use Story polls to identify your “ready to buy” followers

The next tip I have for you for getting clients on Instagram is to actually invite people to speak with you. Often, new business owners expect clients to just *appear*. They think they are going to just fall out of the sky. However, in reality, it doesn’t really work that way! The good news? There are most likely people in your audience who would be the perfect clients for you right now. The bad news? Most people are just really shy to reach out. So the secret here is to use all of the features of Instagram to make it easy for people to start a conversation. Because that’s all sales is; a conversation. And polls are great for this! Here’s how:

  1. Start your Story with a Yes/No poll. Make the question something to do with your offer e.g. “Are you struggling with [challenge]? 
  2. Follow up with those who respond “yes’ in the DMs
  3. Then, just ask them a clarifying question in the DMs and carry on that conversation! 

This way it’s not weird, because they’re the ones that have engaged with you first. So make sure that you use all of the different features we have available, get people involved, and then it’s a lot easier to go into the DMs and to actually have a real conversation that’s going to get people to actually become clients. 

Remember, voice notes are the way to go because they’re super personalised, and they’re just going to increase the number of people that reply to you and ultimately increase your conversions.

Have fun with it, and good luck! 

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