6 Insider Secrets for Getting Followers 

This blog is all about helping entrepreneurs like you to increase their revenue using social media. I am going to be explaining how to get followers, and specifically my top tips to help you grow your account faster. Spoiler alert! None of these are going to include those weird things that people do on Instagram to grow their account, like spamming people in the DMs, doing loads of cold outreach, buying followers, or just using bots … because that’s not sustainable. Because what’s the point of getting all of these fake followers when they’re not real people, and they’re not actually going to buy from you? 

We’re all about actually making sales on social media here. So let’s get into it! 

How to reach more people with your Stories 

The first step for how to get followers is to get your stories to reach more people. What you want to do is this: 

  1. Let your stories clear so you don’t have any on your profile. You can just leave it to run for 24 hours and then it will disappear, or you can just delete it to implement this tip. 
  2. Make your first story a poll; so just a question with a simple yes or no answer. Make sure that it’s something that’s super easy to read, so people can just glance at it and understand it! So I don’t have some sort of a really complicated question for the poll.
  3. Leave your poll up for a few hours so that people engage with it. Next, publish your important announcement (e.g. announcing a new offer, or doors opening) 

Now, what this is going to do is create a lot of engagement on that first story, and it’s going to tell Instagram that your content is really popular. Therefore, the next story that you do is going to get pushed to more people than it usually would. If you have some sort of really important announcement or promotion, then make that the next story! That’s going to get shown to more people. Just remember to leave your poll running for a few hours so people actually start to engage, and then post that next story. And it’s going to reach way more people! 

💡 Typically stories get shown to about 5% of your audience (give or take). But if you implement this tip here, you’ll be able to reach up to 10% of your audience. 

How to drive more eyeballs to your feed posts

The next tip is to post a teaser of your posts on your Stories. This is going to drive more traffic and more views to the actual post on your feed. So if you’re posting a photo of yourself, then what you can do is just make it really, really, really small, and then just put it on your story. Then people will want to click through to be able to see it properly. 

If you’re doing a reel, it’s the same thing. But just make sure that you cover up the actual content of the reel, because the sound will still be playing. You don’t want people to just watch it on your stories and not go to the actual post and engage with that. And what can you do to increase the number of people that click through? Tell them specifically why they should go and view this post. So what’s in it for them? What are they going to gain or learn from looking at this piece of content? 

How to get followers that are interested in your content

The next tip I have for you when it comes to how to get followers is to go and find a big competitor in your niche. Then, go look at the comments that people have left and like lots of people’s comments. The reason this is going to work to build an audience is because if they’re a competitor, then a lot of people that are commenting on their content are going to also be your ideal audience! So they’re likely going to be interested in your content as well. When they get a notification that someone has liked their comment that they don’t know, a lot of those people will click through and they will go onto your account. And if your content is good and relevant, then they’ll stick around. 

How to get Instagram to recommend your content

In the Instagram algorithm: saves and shares > comments and likes

The next tip I have for you when it comes to fast organic Instagram growth is to aim for saves. What a lot of people do is they optimise their content for likes, when actually saves are better for the algorithm! If you create share-worthy and save-worthy content, then people are going to save it so they can refer back to it later and again, come back to your profile. This is going to signal to Instagram that you are keeping people on the app, and then it’s just going to push it to more people. 

Now, the way you can create share worthy content is to just provide so much value that people have to save that. Carousel posts are a really good way to do that, because you can put a lot of information in them. Another tip I have for you when it comes to this is to actually tell people to save the post if they found it useful. You could either do that at the end of your carousel or you can do it in your caption. You could just finish your post by saying “Hey, save if you found this useful”. I know it seems a bit weird, but it actually works! More people will save it. 

Start off with a bang! 💥

The next tip for how to get followers is to start all of your posts with a hook. A hook is simply something that’s going to make people that see that post want to click read more. The reason this is so important is because when people click “read more” to view the rest of your caption, Instagram is going to take that click sign of engagement. The algorithm understands that your content is interesting and therefore it’s going to show it to more people. Examples of good hooks include: 

  • A thought-provoking question
  • Calling out your audience directly 
  • A controversial statement or opinion, 

You can dive into this blog post below if you want to learn how to get followers (and sales!) from your social media captions.

How to get more engagement on your content 

The next tip for how to get followers is to reply to people’s comments immediately, because that’s going to get your engagement up. Then go back 24 hours later, and actually just like their comment. That’s going to give them a notification that you’ve liked their comment, they’re going to go back to your profile, and then check out your latest piece of content! So that’s going to signal to the algorithm that you’re getting more profile visits. If you’re not doing this already, then also just make sure you engage with people between 10 – 15 minutes before you post, and then reply to comments straightaway. Really, you want to be on your phone when you’re posting; you want to be engaging before and replying to comments after, because that’s going to get your content seen by more people. 

Leverage other people’s audiences 

The final tip for how to get followers is to find influencers in your niche, and leave thoughtful comments on their content. You want to make sure that these influences are actually in your niche or related to your niche. There’s absolutely no point in me going and commenting on fashion influencers’ posts, because that’s nothing to do with my niche! So make sure that you’re commenting on someone’s relevant content. The way you can do that is by just looking at hashtags that you’re following, going on the Explore page and looking at the relevant hashtags, and then finding influencers that way. 

The reason this works is because it’s going to signal to Instagram that you are interacting and “related to” this big account. Which means the algorithm knows where to categorise you more easily! Also if you are one of the first people to leave a comment and it comes up at the top, or even gets pinned by that influencer (which happens quite often), then everyone that then goes to that piece of content is going to see your comment first, and then likely come to your profile. 

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