5 Unbelievably Simple Steps to Growing Your Audience on Social Media  


The first tip on how to get followers in 2022 is to have another platform that acts as a traffic driver. Actually, this is a little bit of a secret that I don’t see people with large social media followings ever actually talking about! Things have changed on Instagram, for example, as I am sure you know. I’m not going to say it’s impossible to grow on Instagram and to build a large following, but it’s a lot harder than it was before.

1. Use another platform as a traffic driver 

Without diving into the details of how the algorithm works, let’s think about what we do know. We know that reach on Instagram has fallen massively. In other words, this means when you put up content, fewer people will see it than last year or five years ago, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just something to bear in mind and to work around. 

Instagram is not search friendly

The other thing that we know about Instagram is that it’s not very search friendly. It’s actually really hard to find specific content if you’re looking for it. It’s more a case of you get served the content, and that’s how you find someone. So what does this mean, if you’re wondering how to get followers, or if you’re trying to reach new audiences? It basically means that you have to combine your Instagram with a more SEO friendly platform that’s going to allow more people to find you. That could be YouTube, a blog, or a podcast, and what that is going to do is allow people to find you, and then it’s going to drive traffic from that other platform to your Instagram profile. If you’re wondering how to get followers organically in 2022, this is a really good strategy!   

(I’m not saying there aren’t other ways, I’m just giving you a practical way for you to do it). 

The other way would involve pumping out a ton of content, and the people I see having success by doing that tend to have a large content creation team behind them, which the majority of us entrepreneurs don’t have. Continuing from there, if you ever look at an influencer or someone who has a large following, perhaps a consultant or coach who is selling Instagram services, I urge you to take a closer look at their business model, because what you’ll often notice is that even if they have a large Instagram following, they usually drive traffic elsewhere – from another platform. 

Have you ever received a DM from someone who claims to know how to get followers and grow your Instagram account quickly? You’re not alone! But here’s the thing – unless you post the content yourself (and post lots of it), or you do what I’m telling you now and drive traffic from another platform, there’s not really another legit way to grow your Instagram. If someone tells you they can grow your audience by 20,000 followers a month, but they don’t really tell you how they’re doing it, then they’re likely using some very shady tactics to accomplish that. So don’t get caught up in all that! 

2. Create share-worthy content every single time

The next tip on how to get followers is to provide value-added, share-worthy content every single time you post. No matter what social media platform you use, whether it be Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or a podcast; no one cares about you until you make them care about you! 

And the way you do that is by providing a ton of value. Just posting some sort of personal photo or video about yourself might work if you are someone who has a big following of people who already know, like and trust you, and they actually care. But to grow your audience from scratch organically, you have to really put a lot of value into your content. 

“So how do I do that?” I hear you ask …

Firstly, make sure you have a cohesive feed. I don’t mean a super aesthetic or highly designed feed though. I just mean that you have your brand colours, and you have your brand guidelines, and you know that everything is going to be easy on the eye and it’s going to flow when people come to your profile. It’s not going to be clashing or difficult to digest. 

I repeat – you do not need to spend forever on this step because the actual content that you’re putting out and the value you’re providing is a lot more important. You need to have your target audience or your ideal client in mind and then you need to be creating content specifically for them. Your content should address any objections your ideal audience or client might have before investing in your product or service.

Make sure you include testimonials too. Show off some social proof of previous clients you’ve worked with, or people that you’ve helped – that’s always super effective in converting followers to clients. And to really position yourself as an authority, dispel some of the myths or the BS advice in your industry that you hear a lot, and that you don’t agree with. 

Pssttt … Before I go onto the next tip, if you want to learn more about creating content that converts your audience into actual clients then check out my free social media training. This will walk you through the top mistakes you’re making with your content, why they’re costing you clients, and what to do instead. 

3.Use storytelling (and have fun with it!) 

The next tip I have for you if you’re wondering how to get followers is to use storytelling. Now, this isn’t really used enough in people’s content enough, probably because you do have to be fairly competent at writing and you have to feel confident at telling stories. 

If this is something that you’re willing to learn, and you’re willing to get good at, then you are going to have absolutely no trouble building a community online and growing your following quickly. 

Ultimately, people connect to people. And storytelling allows you to build that connection easily.

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, you’re essentially a leader (even if you don’t feel like it). And if we think about it, leaders have used stories to build communities for literally thousands of years. So the way you could use storytelling in your content is to talk about your personal experiences, and to actually get quite vulnerable and authentic in your content. 

However, I do have a rule for this. If you’re sharing a story and you’re relying on people’s reactions to help you work through your trauma and experience, then it’s probably not the right time to share that story. Basically, I’m saying share stories where you’ve really learned something from the experience, and you have something that adds value and is a learning for your audience, rather than something that’s just purely traumatic and there’s no real learning for your audience there. In that case, it’s probably better to wait until you’ve processed it and it’s less raw to share it with your audience. 

Share learnings and takeaways in the stories you tell. This is what makes your audience see you as a leader, as opposed to just a friend. 

Storytelling really is your secret weapon as an entrepreneur and a business owner! And if you can combine this with all of the value-add content that I previously spoke about, then you’re doing great. 

4. Pool audiences with other entrepreneurs

The next tip is to pool audiences with other people. What this means is identifying someone that you have a synergy with, and basically just sharing your audiences. This is how to get followers quickly and effectively, whatever platform you’re on.  

Doing an Instagram Live together, for example, or doing something else together, that will then allow you to access their audience, and then they will be able to access yours. In order to find someone to collaborate with, look for someone who is in the same vertical as you, but is not offering the same service. 

That is someone who has the same ideal client or target audience as you, but isn’t a direct competitor.

So just as an example, if I were a personal trainer, then I could do an Instagram Live with a gym business owner, because we both have the same audiences. We’re both going to benefit from collaborating, but we’re not in direct competition with each other. A not-so-effective collaboration in this case would be two personal trainers doing a live together. 

The reason that collaborating and pooling audiences works so well is because you are essentially making use of that person’s authority. If someone has built an audience, then they’ve already built up that “trust” factor with their audience. So if they were to promote anything, or have someone as a guest on their Instagram, their audience are automatically going to think that this person knows what they’re talking about. 

Organising Instagram Lives, however, can take a lot of time. So what I do is I have a really simple Google doc, just like this.

In this doc are instructions on how I would like the Live to go. When I reach out to people, I DM them and ask them if they’re interested in collaborating. After that, I send them a link to the Google Doc with all of the instructions and everything they need to do before joining. Then I include my calendar link so they can schedule a time that works for them, and there isn’t the back and forth of trying to arrange it all. 

So if you want to do more collaborations, then make yourself a Google doc just like this, and in there you want to outline the following:

  • What you’re going to talk about 
  • How long the live will last
  • How to book a time 
  • Details about joining 
  • Any topics of discussion 

.. and all of the detail, so that you’re not going back and forth in the DMs. Let’s say you want to do one Live a week; all you have to do is find four people every month, send them this, they agree, they book their time in, and then you just show up for the Live! 

5. Commit to a posting schedule that works for you

The next tip I have for you if you want to know how to get followers is to have a posting schedule … and to stick to it. Now the key here is to find a schedule that works for you and that you’re actually going to be consistent with. I’m going to give you the ideal posting schedule if you want to grow on Instagram, and then you can kind of work from that and find something that will work for you, and that you will actually stick to. But please don’t panic if you can’t do this! This is only achievable if you’re a full time content creator and want to grow as fast as possible.  

This is the ideal scenario:

  • Stories every day
  • Feed posts 2 times a week
  • Reels 5 times a week
  • Go Live once a week

The key is to be using all of the different content formats. So if you can’t stick to this schedule, then just kind of tone it down a little bit. But make sure that you’re using different formats, and that you’re posting as many Reels as possible.  

So for example in the earlier section, I mentioned what to do in your content. You could think about repurposing some of that content that you would usually put in a graphic and you could just repurpose that as a Reel. Then for your IGTV posts, you could just do your Live every week and post the recording as an IGTV. 

After the Live, you can just save that video and post it on IGTV. So as you can see, that is a lot for anyone to do, which is why I suggest coming up with a posting schedule that works for you and one that you’ll actually stick to. 

What’s also important to remember here is that social media is not your business, okay? The end goal is not to learn the latest hack on how to get followers. It’s to simply use social media as a tool for attracting your dream clients and customers into your business. So don’t get too bogged down in the number of followers, all of the numbers and the analytics. Just stick to that posting schedule you came up with, and you’ll do absolutely great. 

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